Knit Nation Mascots

A while ago I came across Irene Strange’s wonderful amigurumi and totally fell in love.

Bob & Daisy sheep


Dreamy Giraffe.

So when Irene agreed to create a fun brooch pattern for a Knit Nation mascot, I was super excited, and waited with baited breath to see what she would come up with.

I received a packet today, and opened the envelope to find these wee cuties:

You’ll be able to crochet your own versions of the Knit Nation mascots to wear at Knit Nation.  Either pug or sheep!  Which is kind of fitting, since the logo for Knit Nation was initially going to be this:

But Cookie nixed the pugs.  Sheep are, I admit, way more subject appropriate! But I have a total soft spot for pugs, so we have sheep mascots and pug mascots.

The pattern will be available in a month or so. I’ll let you know where and when once it is all set.


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