MODO Fashion Show

I’m looking for test knitters for my patterns. Please email me at Alice AT socktopus DOT co DOT uk if you are interested. Thanks!

Friday night I went to my first fashion show ever. Twas rather exciting!  UCL MODO Fashion Society hosts an annual full scale fashion show showcasing the works of UCL student designers. The whole show is run by UCL students, and the coolest thing is that all fashion designers presenting a collection come from a non-fashion design background.  It was all very professionally done, with a proper catwalk, lights and photographers! The coolest thing was that I got a front row seat. I am no Anna Wintour but felt very much like an Anna Wintour with such great seats.  My name was even written on the chair to make it feel extra special.

This is Michaela, one of the MODO designers (there are more photos of the show on her blog). She was a driving force on the organising team behind this year’s show.  By day she’s a PhD student in evolutionary biology, and by night, a fantastically talented knitwear fashion designer.

Her collection was painstakingly hand knitted (she started in July last year!) and coordinated with matching socks, leggings and fingerless mitts.

This dress was my favourite.  It features the drop stitch pattern from Not a Drop shawl from Arlene’s World of Lace

Here is a close up of the stitch pattern in the dress.  Michaela knit it in Wollmeise lace Golden Pear. She added shaping which really makes this dress stand out.

This cowl was knit with a bamboo mix yarn in cobweb weight. Absolutely divine.

These socks were lovely – and knee high!

Michaela’s collection had the theme of ‘leaves’ and these shoes were amazing, covered with a sheer nylon and decorated with autumn leaves.

In fact, her whole collection was so thoughtfully put together with such attention to detail I am surprised she isn’t a fashion student.  The rest of the show was very enjoyable, with equal parts of spectacle, drama, glamour, and cheekiness.  Each collection had a theme. There was “Circus”.

And ‘Burlesque’, which was rather risque. This dress, for example, had an equally sheer front though with large red strategically placed flowers to preserve the wearer’s modesty.

You can probably guess this one was also part of the Burlesque collection.

Most of the models were in super high heels, and I could not stop being impressed and awed by the way the models strutted their stuff, without once stomping down on the catwalk, or stumbling.  It was hard to believe they weren’t professional models, but UCL students from all sorts of disciplines – language, biochemistry, engineering. Can I say again how impressed I was with the whole thing? Wow.  And the heels?  Just looking at the shoes made my feet hurt and my jaw drop.

I also got a chance to catch up with Katie from Hoxton Handmade.  I haven’t seen her since Knit Nation last year, when she covered the expo for her podcast.

I tagged along when she interviewed the designers for her podcast (you can hear me in the background oohing and ahhing and generally making funny sounds). She’s already aired the episode on the MODO fashion show so  you can listen to it here.

Katie also turned the microphone on me and quizzed me about Knit Nation.  I think I acquitted myself ok and didn’t utter anything too embarrassing, though I do sound totally dorky. I also managed to forget half the teacher line up, including Franklin Habit, Clara Parkes, Julie Weisenberger and Elise Duvekot. I hope they forgive the oversight.  Not being terribly quick on my feet and having a swiss cheese memory isn’t really the best combination for impromptu interviews!

I only had my iphone to take photos (damn my swiss cheese memory!) so here are some better photos and a couple vids for the MODO show:

Facebook video 1

Facebook photos

Facebook video 2

As with other things, work continues on the book, though the schedule has been knocked out a week by the whole dad in Libya crisis, which in turn has had a knock on effect in everything else…  First photoshoot is scheduled for Monday, second one in two week’s time.  I’m sure I’m doing my editor’s head in – working with me must be like herding cats.  But she really is wonderful, chasing me down and giving me clear easy lists to follow.  We’re getting there!  Ooh and I saw the first draft of the layout today.  It’s slowly coming together and taking form. So excited!

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