The Colour of Magic

I love everyone’s enthusiasm about the swatch yarn! I think I am going to call it Siffie, but am really enjoying reading the suggestions so am going to hold off deciding for a bit. When the yarn is available (soon soon!) you’ll be able to order it through the Socktoshop. To go to the Socktoshop, click on the SHOP tab on the right side of the menu above (right next to the big Socktopus logo).

The first two Dye-It-Yourself workshops were held last weekend. It was great fun to see everyone painting and creating their own yarnie visions. Stupidly I forgot my camera on the first day, but I did manage to remember it on the second day.

Everyone had their own unique vision as to what colours they wanted on their yarn.

This was the handpainting portion – my favourite bit is watching the colours overlap each other and make little colour babies!

After a hard afternoon’s creativity, we had a tubful of gorgeous colours. Lots of purple (forever immortalised by ‘it’s never purple enough!) blues, and yellow. We went through a whole lotta yellow!

And drying prior to being bundled up for their new homes.

It’s been a crazy few weeks what with the book and deadlines and all sorts – one of which was a photoshoot for the book down in Lewes.  I brought my camera, but then forgot to take the fun shots of me modelling the socks.  I have two more photoshoots for the book so I will make sure to do some process shots next time! I did manage to snap a couple later on when Antony was taking stills for the layout.  The wood base is the seat of an Georgian chair he had in his studio, lots of historic bums have been helping to create the lovely patina.  It was pretty cool – the studio is an unassuming ex chicken shed (there were lots of them all converted into various work offices/art studios on an old chicken farm) and it’s where most of the studio shots for Knitting Magazine are taken.  While it was exciting, the back end of it (labelling and filing every photo for each page) is incredibly tedious. Reminded me of being an office junior and doing data entry.  Quite mind numbing.

I also brought Deuce with me, who was none too happy about being cooped up all day being ignored.  He made himself a nest in David’s coat and finally settled down enough for a snooze.  He really isn’t that into the whole knitting thing, which is a good thing. I’d hate to have to share my stash.

4 thoughts on “The Colour of Magic

  1. Hahahahahaha! I certainly look like I’m concentrating hard (it was a LOT of yellow!)

    Thanks again for a brilliant workshop, I learnt absolutely loads and will definitely be recommending it! Hoping to post my own pics soon, still editing them – they’re just not YELLOW enough!

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