KN2011 Class Schedule

The Knit Nation 2011 Class schedule is up! I’m so excited about the classes this year – we really have another wonderful team of teachers ready and eager to share their knowledge with Knit Nationites. I’m actually quite bummed since there are a ton of classes I would give my cashmere stash sock yarn stash right arm to take. Sadly, the bum side of being one of the organisers is that there just isn’t the time to take any classes (what was I thinking? Maybe I should change the rules….). Hee hee. You’ll all just have to take them for me and I’ll just live vicariously as I admire your swatches and class projects!

Registration will go live at the end of April, and if you’re signed up to the Knit Nation newsletter (at we’ll give you a heads up a couple weeks in advance.

I’ll stop here since I know you’re all itching to get to that schedule. Linky to the short version here and the long version (with class descriptions) here.

3 thoughts on “KN2011 Class Schedule

  1. Thank you Alice and Cookie, the class schedule looks great! The difficulty now is deciding which one(s) to take! Alice I think you should change the rules for next year so you get to take some classes too!

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