Baby Boston

Just had wonderful news – my cousin J has given birth to a happy baby boy! Can’t wait to find out the little guy’s name. J was posting to her blog even from the hospital; it’s quite exciting since J is like my little sister (and I tormented her like a big sister when we were kids!). Spring baby – looking forward to meeting him later this year.

Meanwhile, It thought I’d share an update on the MSF donations to date. At the end of February I said I’d donate 50% of pattern sales to MSF in support of their emergency aid to the Arab countries. As the situation continues to deteriorate, I’m happy to be contributing in some small way. With a crisis situation also unfolding in Japan (they are finding it difficult to get food and water to the affected regions), again supporting MSF feels like absolutely the right thing to do. With your knitterly support, we’ve been able to raise £325 for MSF in the last month. YAY!

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