Clue 1 of the Spriteling Socktopus Mystery Shawl Knitalong (SMSKAL) comes out tomorrow. You can still join the KAL via Ravelry or through the link above.

Went to Lewes again yesterday for the second photo shoot.  As usual I completely forgot to take any photos! Gah! Thankfully I took some before I left, after I’d collected all the socks.  Ling’s son A helped put the ones needing blocking on sock blockers for me.  It’s pretty mindblowing to be holding so many hours of work in your hands.  All those socks work out to a combined total of over 400 hours of work from 15 different knitters. All of which have had their close-ups taken, and are now in the hands of GMC for a trip to the London Book Fair.

I couldn’t have made the photoshoot deadline without the knitterly assistance of my sample knitters.  They are truly all kinds of awesome.


I have to admit to  not finishing the socks I assigned myself to knit for the photoshoot. Luckily though I had enough knit up to take the necessary close ups.  Can you guess which one it was?

The next photoshoot will be on location.  I had my heart set on wandering round London, but I think it might prove rather difficult with the weather and changing facilities for the model.  Had a meeting yesterday with the book’s art director and she showed me some of the locations she’s used before. They’re pretty lovely.  She also told me who the photographer will be.  I am super impressed, and actually not a little intimidated! He’s more a fashion photographer than a stills photographer. I hope he says stuff like ‘Work it!’ ‘You’re a tiger! Be a tiger!’, though i might end up giggling too much and getting thrown off the set!  Am excited to see who the model is going to be.  GMC had a great Canadian model with the most amazing red hair – but sadly she’s gone back to Canuck-land.  We will also have a couple stand ins because some of the socks are slightly smaller and need a smaller foot.  All in all am feeling quite inspired now that I know what stylistic direction the book is taking, and assured that I’m in very good hands.

Today I finally get to start the roll out for my clubs – yarn first, samples knit, then pattern layout. Looking forward to getting what’s in my mind’s eye out onto the yarn.  Speaking of clubs – did you see Clara Parkes mentions the Knit Love Club in her most recent Knitters Review? It just made my day.

6 thoughts on “400+hours

  1. Glad the photo shoot went well, hope you got my text yesterday. Looking forward to catching up tomorrow. xx

  2. I can’t wait to see the photos from the shoot!!
    Aidan had a brilliant time helping out and really wants to come again! You might get the whole family next time!

  3. Wow that’s a lot of (fun) work! I’m so excited that we’re getting the 1st clue for Spriteling tomorrow! My swatch only came off the needles today (not blocked yet).

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