New Leaves, New Colourways

With the sunshine, I feel like I’m finally seeing the light at the end of a very long tunnel! I’m catching up to where I ought to be, slowly but surely. We’re looking forward to the next half of the year and planning a visit to the US for my brother-in-law’s nuptials.

In the meantime however I’m thoroughly enjoying the balmy weather. We grabbed Deuce and gave him a long overdue bath yesterday (which he protested thoroughly – he hates getting wet and made it sound like I was subjecting him to some kind of Chinese water torture). He smells so much better and his coat is nice and silky again.

After work on Friday I met David in the park on the way home from the studio with Deuce and we had a late dinner picnic. I’m loving the growth of all the plants – the leaves of the trees my favourite spring green.

And literally bursting from the tips of young twigs.

We even had a touch of the spring at home with these gorgeous tulips. They really cheered up our kitchen table.

I’ve also been itching to introduce a few new colourways of Sokkusu-Original. The first box was sent out to L’Oisivethe in Paris last week. I cannot wait to visit this shop. Cakes, cookies, tea, reading, knitting… all bundled into one characterful shop. This blog post has totally whet my appetite!




HB #2

Vinvixen (named after a friend who has just opened her own online wine consultancy/bespoke wine sourcing).

Lucky Sunday? New life. Spring & my little nephew Scott who is a whole 15 days new to the world today.


Lovely P sent me photos from Friday’s Dye-I-Y class (thank you!).

Some really lovely blues…

and a gorgeous  saffrony copper colour (that looked suspiciously like spaghetti when we were cooking it.  I was hungry at the time too…)

Saturday’s class was very much about mineral natural stone colours… some beautiful jadeite and slates…

J & J with their jadeite

M & L with their slate green

And with their creations from the day!

And look! Last year after Knit Nation I went to the Isle of Wight with my folks.  I happened to meet a knitter who had also been to Knit Nation.  Well, that knitter was Julia (doesn’t she look cute?). Who is also one of the J’s in the photos above! How cool is that?

Lucky Sunday thought: I’m just really happy.  Happy that the days are longer. That spring seems to really be here.  Loving doing what I’m doing.  Loving meeting people I’m meeting. And totally ECSTATIC that the Pop-Up went so well! I have 1 skein of Grade A Medium left which I may just keep for myself…  Am off to bake some cookies.  And to hug Deuce. Oh and hubby too. 😉

Sokkusu Pop-Up 10am Sunday

Tomorrow is the first Sokkusu Pop-Up! The following colours will be available for purchase via my online shop. The system is a little finicky with US state codes – use only the two letter state code, rather than the full name.

Many of the colours are one offs. These are marked as “OOAK” (one of a kind). The others are repeatable, and form  part of my small but growing list of standard colourways. The type of yarn is indicated by O for Original, X for Xtra and L for Lightweight.  The number in the picture is the total number available of that particular colourway in tomorrow’s Pop-Up.

Yarn details:

£15 Sokkusu-Original 100% superwash merino 433 yards (396 m)/120g
£15 Sokkusu-Light 100% superwash merino 472 yards (432 m)/100g
£20 Sokkusu-Xtra 70% merino 20% cashmere 10% nylon 400 yards (366m)/113g

Knotty Skeins £2 discount.

The Yarns:

Den Gyldene Freden – X

Fontainebleau Beta: Knotty Skein – O

Teal OOAK – O

Eggplant Study A OOAK – O

Eggplant Study B OOAK – O



Granooey – O

Siffie – O

Denim Blues OOAK-X

Grade A Medium – O

OOAK Robin’s Egg Blue-X

Bitter Orange – O

Spriteling Clue 1

Got to the studio bright and early today to get ready for today’s Dye-I-Yourself workshop.  I was an hour early for my own class – this is the second time I’ve done this! I suspect there is a little me inside my head toying with my perception of time so that I end up early for things.  Like setting your clock 15 minutes fast so you’ve got a bit more time than you think. Apparently my inner time clerk thinks I need more extreme time trickery.  Probably a good thing.  I’ll post photos when I have a few (have to wait for P to send them… forgot my camera.. again!).  The colours were lovely – some beautiful greys and caramels and blues.  Very inspiring!

And of course, besides being April Fool’s Day, today is the first clue for Spriteling, the Socktopus Mystery Shawl Knitalong.  This was the Spriteling swatch

And here is Clue 1

Am so in love with Spriteling – it reminds me of Chinese brocade… pheonix tails and dragons dancing in the clouds. Now time for some dinner with my honey and some snuggling on the sofa. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!