Sokkusu Pop-Up 10am Sunday

Tomorrow is the first Sokkusu Pop-Up! The following colours will be available for purchase via my online shop. The system is a little finicky with US state codes – use only the two letter state code, rather than the full name.

Many of the colours are one offs. These are marked as “OOAK” (one of a kind). The others are repeatable, and form  part of my small but growing list of standard colourways. The type of yarn is indicated by O for Original, X for Xtra and L for Lightweight.  The number in the picture is the total number available of that particular colourway in tomorrow’s Pop-Up.

Yarn details:

£15 Sokkusu-Original 100% superwash merino 433 yards (396 m)/120g
£15 Sokkusu-Light 100% superwash merino 472 yards (432 m)/100g
£20 Sokkusu-Xtra 70% merino 20% cashmere 10% nylon 400 yards (366m)/113g

Knotty Skeins £2 discount.

The Yarns:

Den Gyldene Freden – X

Fontainebleau Beta: Knotty Skein – O

Teal OOAK – O

Eggplant Study A OOAK – O

Eggplant Study B OOAK – O



Granooey – O

Siffie – O

Denim Blues OOAK-X

Grade A Medium – O

OOAK Robin’s Egg Blue-X

Bitter Orange – O

4 thoughts on “Sokkusu Pop-Up 10am Sunday

  1. Gorgeous yarns. I have to be somewhere at 10 o’clock tomorrow, what a bummer! I love the robin’s egg colour especially. I bet there’ll be none left when I get home. 😦

  2. Damn it! It’s all gone except Bitter Orange (and lovely though it is orange doesn’t suit me). Hope there will be more Sokkusu available soon Alice!

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