Lovely P sent me photos from Friday’s Dye-I-Y class (thank you!).

Some really lovely blues…

and a gorgeous  saffrony copper colour (that looked suspiciously like spaghetti when we were cooking it.  I was hungry at the time too…)

Saturday’s class was very much about mineral natural stone colours… some beautiful jadeite and slates…

J & J with their jadeite

M & L with their slate green

And with their creations from the day!

And look! Last year after Knit Nation I went to the Isle of Wight with my folks.  I happened to meet a knitter who had also been to Knit Nation.  Well, that knitter was Julia (doesn’t she look cute?). Who is also one of the J’s in the photos above! How cool is that?

Lucky Sunday thought: I’m just really happy.  Happy that the days are longer. That spring seems to really be here.  Loving doing what I’m doing.  Loving meeting people I’m meeting. And totally ECSTATIC that the Pop-Up went so well! I have 1 skein of Grade A Medium left which I may just keep for myself…  Am off to bake some cookies.  And to hug Deuce. Oh and hubby too. 😉

6 thoughts on “Mixology

  1. Hola chica! So glad the yarn went so fast! I’m on a diet other than for fibres (tee hee!) but I did look longingly at the one that is the same as your KAL yarn… Really thrilled to bits for you that things are going so well and that you’re super happy!

    See you this week sometime for labeling? Let me know when might be good so I can check my diary too!


  2. That yarn dyeing looks fabulous. I hope to be able to come to a workshop sometime. And I couldn’t resist the yarn when I called into your shop today. It was obviously meant to be, as there was still yarn left when I popped in!

  3. Thanks Alice, I had such fun on Saturday! Love love love the yarn we dyed and I can’t wait to start knitting with it.

  4. Lovely photos Alice, we had such a great day I loved meeting M and L too!!! Am thrilled with my yarn, you were such a lovely teacher – thankyou again

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