Gaie Paris

Yesterday morning was an early start – 5am. Arrived in good time to Kings Cross to meet Michaela and Yuvee to catch our Eurostar train to Paris.

Paris was gorgeous, nice and sunny.  We  found a cafe and had a little breakfast in the sun.

Not wanting to waste any time we hit the Marais and came upon Entrer des Fournisseurs, a cute haberdashery.

A really lovely place with very helpful ladies.

We then stopped for a bit to eat at the famous L’As du Fallafel on Rue des Rosiers.

There was a constant queue for the fallafel. Really quite impressive!

Some cool graffiti just outside the fallafel place:

We paid a visit to La Droguerie near St Eustache church.  I love this little shop since it’s so atmospheric.

They have their own range of yarns which look very pretty too.

The only problem is that it’s quite the pain in the butt to shop there.  There are jars and jars of lovely buttons-  and lots of yarn hanging off the wall… but they are not to be touched.  To shop here, you have to find a shop assistant to help you ie you tell her what you want and she goes off to get it.  Fine when it’s not busy but a total pain when there is a queue.  Still, it’s nice just to go and soak up the atmosphere. Speaking of which, this rather Victorian looking chap came strolling by. New fashion perhaps?

We then popped into Le Bon Marche and headed up to the haberdashery upstairs.  Such cute samples!

Then we went to our main destination – L’Oisivethe in the 13th arrondissement.  Really nice vibe to the neighbourhood which was quite low key.  We wandered through a park, and came upon the tea shop.

This is such a gem – cozy, inviting and welcoming.

With a great selection of yarn.  My favourite kind – all handpainted! Lorna’s Laces, Sweet Georgia, lots and lots of Koigu, Dream in Color yarn, and of course, Sokkusu!

Michaela found a skein of Lorna’s laces in the exact shade of her top.

Aimee the owner has great taste – including having Cookie’s Knit. Sock. Love book!

We joined Aimee’s Wed night knit night, and I got to meet some lovely knitters! Including Elisala who is knitting Spriteling in HB2.  Such a kick to meet her since I’d ‘met’ her already online via Ravelry.

We had dinner at the shop and over dinner and knitting I got to meet Elisabeth and see Diane again (last person from left, facing camera) my fellow Canadian and long time member of the Knit Love Club!  It was quite cool to actually go to Diane’s knitting group (she’d invited me many many moons ago and it was quite the thrill to finally join her).

Both Elisabeth and Diane are coming to Knit Nation this year; so excited! I was sad not to meet Daniele – but it means something for next time. 🙂  The wed night knit night was a great group of ladies, both English and French speaking.

Mimi-Tricote was knitting Swallowtail in Sandcastles (she’s second from left facing the camera).  Sokkusu really is quite perfect for knitting shawls.









Aimee was working on her Spriteling, as was I (on my fourth one). My needle had popped out it’s metal base and desperately needed some new 4.5mm circs. Aimee saved me.  She sells sets of Knitter’s Choice interchangeable needles (they come in a very pretty fabric case).   I’ve been a long-time fan of Knit-Pro, but recently I’m rethinking this – the quality just isn’t what it ought to be, needles popping out of their bases, or the threads failing… very annoying.  Anyways, really happy with the new needles. Was able to get on with Clue 2 of my Sam Spriteling (colourway from Bloodlines sock club). Photos later.

And here is lovely Aimee with me.  **waves** Thanks Aimee for an awesome evening!

Knit Nation Goes Live

Knit Nation sign ups go live today at 8pm BST. Go to for the registration link.

Thanks to the happy chance of having Easter, then a Bank Holiday Monday, and the royal nuptials we’ve had two 4 day weekends in a row.

Along with something like 30 million others, we celebrated by watching the event on TV (hours and hours of it!), eating cupcakes with the royal couple’s face on them:

and drinking lots and lots of margarita.  A great girls’ afternoon out

The Nuptials Margarita (my pseudo invention-only pseudo since the only thing I did different to the recipe was add strawberries!) was my new favourite drink…

until about 9pm on Friday and I was feeling rather the worse for wear when it became my least favourite drink…

But still, all in all it was quite yummy and super easy to make. Totally recommend it for a lazy afternoon in the garden soaking up the rays.

It’s based on the 42 21 Margarita and the 4221 refers to the proportion of the ingredients used:

4 measures tequilla (I recommend Sauza Tequila Silver, much smoother than the jose cuervo clear tequila which was a little rough)
2 measures triple sec
2 measures freshly squeezed lime juice
1 measure of agave nectar/sugar syrup
a few sliced strawberries (this is the only bit I added!)

Put everything above into a cocktail shaker with some ice, do the hokey pokey and and shake it all about. The strawberries give it a pretty pink, and a nice aroma.

I used a wedge of lime to wet the rims of my glasses, then dipped them on a plate of vanilla flavoured salt flakes (I took a vanilla bean, scraped out the insides and mixed it up with the salt). Add some ice, a few sliced of strawberries if you want to be fancy, pour in the margarita and serve.

Over the long weekends, we’ve also been doing what seems to be the national pastime here in Britain. A little bit of gardening! I’m quite looking forward to seeing our balcony garden bloom.

We went to a small town called Crew’s Hill which seems to be the spiritual home of the garden centre.  A whole street of garden centres! We got three peony plants; I’m super excited to see them bloom since peonies are my absolute favourite flower.

We got a couple strawberry plants… hopefully we’ll get a crop of strawberries later this summer.

We also put up a trellis for some jasmine, honeysuckle, ivy and sweet pea (which are just germinating now)

Our peach tree has a few new fruit – one rather large peach…

and some rather teeny ones which hopefully will grow a bit more since I pruned the tree to within an inch of its life!

We’ve got about a dozen little apples growing on another severely pruned and repotted apple tree – I’m hoping we’ll get a nice crop of apples this year. Last year we actually ate one and it was surprisingly tasty!

Strawberries, apples, peaches… i see Pimms in my future!