As part of the KN tradition, after the event we usually take a few days and chill – this year Anne Hanson, Cookie, Carole & I headed to Brussels for a few days of beer and chocolate.

Here are Cookie and Anne, with a bag of chocolate in the main square. We’re pretty happy and hyped up on chocolate.

Carole and Mousie (both of whom were part of the Paris party last year) also enjoying a dose of chocolate induced endorphins.

We did what tourists ought in the lovely city – we had fries with ketchup and mayo.

Saw the little mannekin pis. Apparently people gift him clothes and he has multiple sets to change into every week.

Dominique (to the left of Cookie) met us in Antwerp where Cookie got all fashionista on us and tried on some lovely hats. This one so suited her – sadly she opted not to take it home.

We also visited Momu’s Unravel exhibition, which examined the changing relationship between fashion and knitwear.

These socks were designed by Vivienne Westwood – interestingly they were knit flat and seamed up the back, then embroidered and embellished.

The garments pushed boundaries. Some were plain weird, some innovative in structure, some were risque.

Some were just downright gorgeous.

Dominique took us to eat proper belgian waffles – apparently the old fashioned waffle houses are few and far between. Waffelhuis Van Hecke Ijssalon has been in the same place for more than 40 years, and is the oldest waffle house in Antwerp! The business itself was established in 1905.  The waffles are not the liegeois waffles that you find everywhere on the streets of brussels – those weird sweet cakey waffles.  These guys are yeasted (not too dissimilar from the recipe I posted a while back), and baked in a hot iron.  The batter itself isn’t very sweet – it was light and fluffy and came fresh of the irons piled high with strawberries. A generous dollop of whipped cream finished the dish off. I polished the whole thing off myself (hey a pregnant woman’s gotta eat, right?) and I was rather sad when I came face to face with an empty plate. I wish it had lasted longer!

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