The Blueberry

As you know, I’ve got a little bun in the oven.  19 weeks today!

DH and I found out on the 11th of June… since he was heading off to HK rather soon we decided to get a dating scan done to check the age and just assure ourselves that really the two lines meant what we thought they meant.

They did indeed. At 6 weeks, the wee Blueberry was 3.1mm long from crown to rump. We were able to hear a nice strong (fast!) heartbeat. It looked like a featureless armless legless sea monkey.  That finger like thing is Blueberry on the right side of the uterus. It sort of waved at us in time with its heartbeat.

Scan number 2 was at 12 weeks. Sadly DH wasn’t able to be there with me (he got updates via iphone) but my good friend B joined me and we both marvelled at the now very clearly baby shaped being inside me.  It bounced around, kicking with its arms and legs, and we saw cross sections of its head, and watched the blues and reds of blood flow in and out of various places. Wild stuff.

So far the pregnancy has been great.  I was super tired in the first trimester but that’s gone away now in the second trimester.  Luckily I’ve experienced no morning (or evening) sickness, no nausea. I have noticed I have a lot less tolerance and patience which is exacerbated if I don’t get enough sleep.

Other than the short fuse, in general my hormones have settled down a fair bit since the first three months – the occasional bursting into tears  brought on by odd things like commercials with fluffy puppies has thankfully stopped.  No weird cravings, and no desire to stuff my face either.  In general I’m totally off sweet things/junk food.  I just find I’m not all that keen on it – unless it really is amazing (Jeni’s salted caramel ice cream did hit the spot).

I did a cartwheel (mentally at least) when I found official support for my conclusion (based on research – I do try to make informed decisions based on facts and logicrather than simply pulling info out of my butt or parroting hearsay) that it was fine to eat sashimi (scroll down to the sushi bit – I LOVE sashimi. SO happy).  Rare steak gets a green light too which is just as well – growing up in cattle country has instilled in me a great aversion to grey meat.  I’m pleasantly surprised at how unlike being pregnant the pregnancy has been so far.

Our next scan is on the 27th of Sept when we find out if it’s a little boy or little girl. Very excited.

Men stop reading now.  Or anyone who does not want to hear me talk about boobs and over the shoulder boulder holders…..The one thing that I am NOT excited about is the constant buying of bras. I find those things are danged uncomfortable now, and I seem to need a new size every couple of weeks!  My rib cage has expanded 6 inches already.  I expected my belly to grow, and the boobs (and they are doing that too) but I did not expect my rib cage to accordion out so quickly, so buying bras is a pain in the …. boob.


6 thoughts on “The Blueberry

  1. Congratulations!!! Such awesome news. Get yourself some bra extenders. They will give any bra a bit more width as your rib cage gets bigger. Much cheaper and easier!

    Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy XX

    • @Laura, those guys are awesome – i have a fews. It’s the bottom band that just kills though – even with the extenders. 😦 Need to find some kind of support vest or walk around holding my boobs up manually. 😉

  2. ALICE…I love this little blog u did….I can’t wait till u find out the sex of the baby how excting for u and ur hubby!!!!!!! Glad to hear everything is going well… about this boob issue ur having lol I stopped wearing a bra all together and wore a lululemon sports bra GREAT SUPPORT and it sorta grew with me….also BRAVADO makes the BEST NURSING bra and nursing tank EVER u seriously need to invest in a few of these especailly if your going to be breast feeding….and if ur going to be leaving in HK where its HOT HOT HOT then defintaly get the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing bra well worth the $$$$$ also I might be going to HK over xmas/new years will u be there?? our whole family is planning to go visit my sister sam as she lives in HK now….keep me updated on your pregnancy and if u have any questions on what to get or what prodcuts are good feel free to msg me anytime as I have done ALOT of research and trial and error lol

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