Sun, Sea & Sushi

It’s been really idyllic here in Malibu. Going to sleep to the sound of the waves and waking up to them is surprisingly soothing.  We lucked out in our apartment – rented sight unseen from a vacation rental place.  It’s right on the beach – this is the view towards Santa Monica:

The inside is simple but cozy and perfectly functional. The kitchen table sits by the window which lets us enjoy the view at breakfast too.

The view to the other side is of the pier. During the day there are alot of surfers and paddle boarders about.

We drove down to Irvine on Saturday, stopping at The Coffee Cup Cafe in Long Beach for a hearty breakfast before continuing down to Irvine’s Diamond Jubilee mall for some yummy ramen at Ajisan with my cousins and their kids.

It was such a treat to meet some of the new additions to the family (wee Z and H) and for DH to meet members of my family he hadn’t yet had the chance to. So I think now DH has pretty much met every single member of my family on both sides.  After lunch we headed to Newport Aquatic Centre where J, DH, C and A  rented kayaks and a paddle board and spent a couple hours in paddling around.

Sunday Cookie arrived and we went off to an indoor karting race track with Cookie’s brother.

Here’s DH coming out of the start

It was a pretty busy track and we saw a couple crashes (no one was hurt though).  DH was in his element talking cars and races with R – who is into racing in a big way.  Cookie said it was the most she’d ever heard DH talk! I think he looks pretty happy here:

After the karting we headed to Shin Sen Gumi, a robatayaki place nearby that specialises in grilled stuff on skewers.  Every customer who enters is greeted by the staff, in Japanese, in unison, then when seated again, and then finally as you leave. It’s pretty loud, but also quite fun.  You can pour a glass of beer for the staff and they down it in one.  Cookie’s brother spent the evening trying to get our waitress tanked – but despite chugging four of five glasses of beer she was cheerfully sober. Pretty impressive.  I wouldn’t want to get into any drinking games with the staff!

Today we indulged in sushi at Echigo – I have never had such incredibly fresh melt in your mouth sushi.  Heaven!  We had the omakase which included instructions for each dish as it was presented – eg. ‘no soy sauce’, or ‘only a a little soy sauce’ etc as each nigiri was paired with a specific sauce. Butter fish had a miso dot on it that combined perfectly with what really was a buttery tasting fish. Tonight is Korean BBQ with hopefully kobe beef. YUM.

We tried to got the Getty Museum afterwards, but our GPS took us on a wild goose chase through some very pretty streets in Brentwood, but ultimately in circles. We finally got there after about an hour….. only to find the museum is closed on Mondays!  Doh! Still it was so nice to see a little slice of normal life – such pretty homes and neighbourhoods.  And I love the Dr Seuss palms – they are so tall and thin!

Deuce meanwhile is doing really well with his walker. He and his new little mini-me Luigi are bonding.  They seem to constantly be together, and even sharing Deuce’s favourite bed.  Sigh. I really would like a little brother for Deuce! How cute would that be?

Lastly – here is a pseudo belly shot… it’s definitely there, and growing.  I think it still just looks i’m sporting a pot belly and not really pregnant, but I’m sure that will change soon enough. I think I felt my first kick on saturday morning – and then again earlier this afternoon.  It’s reassuring but then since they are so fleeting I’m never quite sure if I just imagined them…. again, I’m sure that will change soon enough and I’ll be begging the Blueberry to let mamma have some peace!

5 thoughts on “Sun, Sea & Sushi

  1. Glad you and David having a fabulous time over there and got a chance to spend some times with some of the Yu’s family , weather looking quite nice too, when are you back to UK ?
    Deuce and Luigi are so cute together, do you think you would be able to find a little pug friend for him in HK ?
    You are looking very healthy and relaxing, can see a little bit now, can’t wait to see you and Blueberry in HK.
    Lots love for Blueberry , you and David.

  2. Alice you look sooooo lovely…LOVE The baby bump and I absolutely love how you call him/her a blueberry…..u should register at they send u awesome updates on the growth of ur blueberry and they will compare blueberry’s size to a piece of fruit ie. size of a avacado this week etc etc and once blueberry is here they will send u updates on weekly growth and things to watch for do etc etc its really awesome….ur going to LOVE being a mama!!!!!

  3. So glad you’re having a wonderful time in LA (though, frankly, who wouldn’t?) I am even going to forgive you for not scrabbling with me!!! After two days of carrying my ipad in to work, I finally gave up. See you soon in blighty.

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