LA Story & Pinkberry

Ahhhhh the sun, the sea, the sheer niceness that is LA. It was truly a scrumptious couple weeks in LA. We came, we saw, we ate…. oh boy, did we eat. Cookie was with us all the way in our gastronomic hedonism and was a great guide to all the yummy sushi places! After our incredible sushi at Echigo, we continued our sushi odyssey, concentrating on traditional sushi places (places that eschew the fancy spicy tuna rolls and california rolls, and even go so far as to instruct you when not to use soy sauce, or how much to use!). On Tuesday we went to Sugarfish – Kazunori Nozawa’s ‘diffision line’ of restaurants. His motto is ‘Trust-me’ – and so has only 3 menus to choose from – all omakase (chef’s choice). Wednesday we went to Hama – a little place in Little Tokyo which, for atmosphere and sheer enjoyment was our favourite pick. We sat at the sushi bar in the tiny wood panelled room, and gobbled up all the sushi that the chef made then passed over the counter onto our waiting plates, all the while chatting to us about this or that, and surreptitiously passing us extra cuts of fish!  The quality of the fish at Echigo was by far the best (it literally melted in your mouth – when I am a gummy old woman I’m going to eat there every day since I won’t need my teeth!), but Hama gave the best warm fuzzy vibe and had killer handrolls.

We finally did make it to the Getty Centre – an absolute gem of a place. It’s like entering another world – ride the free tram up the mountain to this gorgeous estate – sweeping views, grand vistas, sky gardens… lots of lawn to have a snooze. Lovely place to while away the hours. Afterwards, we headed to Melisse to eat, again. Cookie’s brother Rick joined us; we had a 10 course tasting menu, each dish beautifully presented in its own artful landscape… which we gobbled up rather greedily! I wish I had taken photos. Josiah Citrin, chef/owner came out to greet everyone in the restaurant, though he looked a little harried.  I had to forgo the foie gras (sigh) but had lots of other yummies to make up for it.

Wednesday we left our Malibu hideaway and headed into West Hollywood where we stayed for our last few days in LA. There was knitting, shopping, sitting by the pool, eating peanut butter pinkberry, ordering room service (I had a chicago hot dog – delicious!), OD-ing on too much meat (korean Japanese BBQ and Texan BBQ the next night really wasn’t a great idea, my poor stomach!), and even getting the treat of shaobing youtiao and sweet doujiang – taiwanese breakfast speciality at Huge Tree Bakery in Monterey Park. We met with knitters, and even got to spend a fun evening with my friend Tricia’s brother A and his wife S sampling the beer and having yummy burgers at a place called Stout Burgers and Beer in Hollywood.

We made a trip to Joshua Tree National Park and saw LOADS of Joshua trees, but alas did not see the specific Joshua Tree from U2’s album cover. The park was pretty amazing – DH has a load of gorgeous photos which I’ll share once I’m in HK and have access to the camera’s SD card. The park had been having problems with  ‘aggressive African bees’ which swarmed cars as soon as they stopped, and chased people as well… which meant at the Key View point with huge gorgeous vistas all the way to mexico…. I stayed inside the car, with the windows shut and engine off in 90 degree heat. Thankfully DH didn’t linger too long or I think I would have passed out. I really really REALLY don’t like bees.

DH spent Sunday properly kart racing in an outdoor kart that goes from 0-60 in 3 seconds, while I spent the day in LA hovering around the knitting conference and taking in a last indulgent trip to Intelligentsia – a fantastic coffee place. Ahh the coffee was sooo yummy – had a caramel aftertaste like well made cinder toffee.   The whole LA trip was such a lovely ‘babymoon’- one of the most fun holidays DH and I have shared, and though I was really sad to leave, it was lovely to come home to Deuce who I have sorely missed. His pugginess is snoring out in the hallway as I type.

We had our five month scan when we got back which was pretty exciting. First time DH has actually seen the little one – who incidentally is a little girl blueberry, or pinkberry if you will.  We were given a couple 3d scans, which were rather finicky to take since pinkberry kept holding her hands in front of her face.  The photos are a little creepy and alienesque since the image is bumpy, but it’s still quite fascinating to think that little being is inside me hopping around and doing somersaults (which i can feel on a more regular basis now).

DH left yesterday to head back to HK, so it’s just me and Deuce in the flat now… which doesn’t even look like our flat anymore since all our furniture was sent to HK and we now have rental furniture.  Stupidly we also packed our broadband router which is on its way to HK now, so there has been TV, no music and no internet (sad, eh?).  Thankfully I got my replacement router today, and found my service provider also offers live TV via their website.. so now I have TV and internet. And a mini speaker is on its way so I’ll be able to listen to some music too.  Little things in life can give so much pleasure, no?

Sandy – we are definitely around for Xmas, make sure you get in touch. Will be great to see you and your little one!

Thank you too for everyone’s suggestions re bras! Very helpful… will be heading off this weekend to find myself some comfy bras.  Wheee!



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