Ling: Socktopus’s New Team Member

It’s about time you met Socktopus’s new team member- making Socktopus a two woman band! Let me introduce you to our Production Dyer Extraordinaire – Ai-Ling Lee.

Ling joined Socktopus in June of 2011 and has been working with me to master our recipes and dyeing techniques. Ling is a godsend – while she works her magic in the dyepots and makes sure all your orders are sent out, I’m able to put much needed time into designing, colour consulting, strategy, marketing, and everything else.

Based in London, Ling is a maestro of logistics – coordinating a family of 5 (3 kids and hubby) and a busy dyeing schedule certainly keeps her on her toes.  With a background in accounting and abiding love for crafting (designing and knitting garments for herself and her kids, not to mention beadwork and lampwork), she brings style and grace to Socktopus London HQ.

I am so thrilled to welcome Ling to Socktopus and feel inordinately lucky that she has decided to hop onboard the Socktopus Express (which can certainly get crazy insane and crazy busy at times!) – not least for her methodical modus operandi and her artistic flair, but also for her lovely personality and wicked sense of humour.

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