Last and First

First off, winner of Carol Feller’s new book.  Thank you to everyone who commented. The winner of the book is – Lisa from the UK! I’ve emailed you for your address, but if you haven’t received it please can you email me your address using the Contact tab above. Thanks!

On Saturday before I left for HK Loop in London hosted a book launch and signing for my new book “Socktopus”. So much fun! Cake from Bittersweet Baker and knitters from all over – Sweden, Norfolk, Chicago, and London to name a few. Very exciting.

Photo shamelessly slurped from Josiekitten!

The launch party was so much fun – and was followed by a last hurrah pub dinner with some of my favourite knitting peeps.

A really lovely way to spend my last evening in London. Big hugs!

First day in Hong Kong has been pretty uneventful – took Deuce for a walk in the local landscaped park thingie – met some dogs with their carers – a mix of domestic helpers and owners. Lovely people.  I’ll be bumping into them regularly I imagine.  Took Deuce to a vet whose method of feeding pills I really didn’t like – he tried to shove a pill down Deuce’s throat by forcing his mouth open and pushing the pill as far back in his throat as possible. If he’d bothered to ask me before doing that I could have told him to give me the pill to take home (a little coating of cheese does wonders….).  I was kind of proud of Deuce for spitting the pill up whole.  A bit freaky here is the danger of tick fever – apparently ticks are a big problem.  Deuce was given a tick collar which absolutely stinks – on top of his regular Frontline drops.  I’ve decided against the collar since I find the smell really offensive.  I think I’ll have to bite the bullet and do a daily check instead and tweeze any buggers off. Bleck.

Blueberry update: bump at 23 weeks. I’m definitely past looking like I’ve eaten a big meal and moved into pregnant territory.  So far so good. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Last and First

  1. I’m a knitter and crazy dog lady and I totally agree about the nasty vet. I always use a bit of ham or cheese and the dogs wolf down any tablets they need to take.

  2. It was a lovely afternoon at Loop! Those chocolate brownies were scrumptious! Stinky dog collars are a definite no-no! I’m with you on the daily scrutiny. You’ll be doing it to your little one once she starts school, on the nightly nit-hunt, so why not get in some practice now!

    • @josiekitten, lol you have no idea how averse to insects I am…. the ticks are bad enough but at least they are relatively big and easy to get rid of… but nits… and lice…. urgh. Not so good with those. Just writing about them makes me itch….

  3. Shame Deuce couldn’t spit the pill up and then shove it down the vet’s throat in the same manner 😉

    Charming photo with me sticking my tongue out. Mental note to self: smile like a normal person next time, I’m not 2 years old anymore… or am I?

  4. Wonderful pictures and so great to see all of the familiar faces. You look FANTASTIC!!! How I wish I could see you in person. I’m glad you are settling in and am eagerly awaiting your adventure stories. xxx

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