Teeny Warrior Princess

DH spent Friday and Saturday in Beijing at a work conference. My first weekend in Hong Kong was quiet, and yet eventful.

Saturday morning, I was lying in bed with my laptop and Deuce snoozing beside me. I’ve been following Hong Kong Dog Rescue on Facebook for a while – since we are considering adding another furry kid to our household and wanted to get a rescue since it’s such a problem in Hong Kong.  There was an appeal on their facebook page to foster Strawberry, a 3 week old puppy who had been staying with the HKDR founder Sally.

The appeal from Sally: "Can anyone please foster little Strawberry? Her siblings are so much bigger that they squash her, and now somehow her front paws got injured while I was out. She needs more care then I have time for, and she likes to be fed with a spoon and be cuddled."

I found myself answering the call and offering to foster – after all being new here in Hong Kong meant I had the time and space to spare.  So come 3pm on Saturday, I was at the HKDR Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre picking up this little bundle of black.

She had a bout of diarrhea last week which saw her at the vet for a few days. It’s very dangerous for puppies since they are so small – they go downhill really quickly.  The vet thought she wouldn’t make it – but she pulled through.  Then her front paws got chewed on – which precipitated the urgent call for a foster.  Her paws are getting better – but they are damaged, probably beyond repair.   I had to take her back to the vet when I got her home from HKDR – a good look at her paws and I knew we had to go see the vet. They were covered in dried puss/gunk, and it looked like the top of the last two digits were severed from the main paw.  She’s a real trooper – she only cried when the vet was cleaning all the puss and crap off her paws, otherwise she is very stoic.  After the washing, it became apparent that she’s lost a claw off her left paw and it looks like she’ll lose three off her right.  All the fur is gone from the top of the clawless digit on her left paw, and we’re just waiting for the dead bits to fall off her right paw, which will expose hairless digits again.  Poor little thing – she’s been through the wars, this one.

I forget how much puppies sleep – she’s awake for 40 minutes then sleeps a good 4 hours.  Deuce isn’t so sure of her – took one sniff and left the room.  I think he needs time to adjust a little and get used to the little usurper.   DH pretends to ignore the pup, but then comes out with comments that reveal that he really is getting involved – things like ‘help her to her bowl – she’s hungry’, or ‘make sure you put the ointment on her paws so they don’t get infected’ etc. He did exactly the same with Deuce when we first got him.

Unfortunately I have to take her back the vet today – she’s had some diarrhea again, despite eating well.  She needs her energy to heal.  There is also the possibility she may have distemper… which would be really bad. She’s too young to vaccinate.  I really hope she’s going to battle this one like a little warrior princess and come out on top.  Wish us luck.

As it’s DH’s bday today, I’m going to make some cupcakes for him later on after some furniture shopping at Horizon Plaza.  We have dinner plans tonight at Cafe de Paris which should be a trip. From the photos it looks just like a Parisian cafe. But of course in Hong Kong.  It’s nice to have him back and to spend some time with him.

11 thoughts on “Teeny Warrior Princess

  1. I got all teary eyed! Good luck little warrior princess. It’s good to know you’ve found a fantastic home with people who’ll give you the very best care.

  2. Hi Alice,

    What a weekend, Good luck with little Strawberry, you are a star for taking her on, puppies are hardwork but so worth it, anyway I hope she makes it. Hugs to Deuce x

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  4. So sweet Alice. I finally took an hour to catch up on your blogs (I didn’t dare hope you’d be so faithfully posting). Little Strawberry seems adorable and, yes, she is lucky to have found the best possible carer! But I think if DH thinks you’re going to give her back, he’s sadly mistaken…

    Happy belated birthday to him, by the way. Hope your dinner out was delicious.

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