Week 1: Impressions

It’s been a week now since landing in HK. A pretty soft landing – I’ve been doing some Knit Love Club work (Methuselah mystery sock, the next bonus pattern and the last sock design for 2011), and between times basically pottered around the house, explored around the area at a rather leisurely place, and done a fair bit of baking.  I finally found where to buy padded envelopes (at the post office! but you have to ask), so I can send Lisa her Carol Feller book from the draw.  I still need to find where to buy a wrench.  I’ve also realised that despite all the ‘DO NOT’ signs, people here just blithely ignore them all.

Today I went for coffee at the local Starbucks with my upstairs neighbour M. We sat out in a nicely landscaped podium that had about 4 large signs saying ‘No Pets’. Deuce was with me (I didn’t know about the no pets thing) – but not one person blinked an eye or said anything about me having my dog there.  The barista at Starbucks was all excited to see him, and the security guy outside really didn’t seem to care. Maybe that is why there are so many Do Nots – because everyone ignores them, making the powers that be churn out even more signs. The more signs the easier it is to ignore them, the more people ignore them the more signs there are….

Sunday’s excursion to Horizon Plaza was fascinating. The place looks like it used to be an office block with a central column of stairs and elevators. All the units are positioned around the central column. There were something like 28 floors, and we basically went to the top and walked down to the shops we wanted to see. There were some beautiful antique Chinese piece, repros (like Arne Jacobson & Verner Panton chairs) some better quality than others, modern Italian style furniture (a la Poliform), eco wood furniture, and some smaller designer furniture shops. Plus loads of outlets (Replay and some designers). Tiring though – and by the end I really couldn’t care less if I never saw a furniture shop again. But time is of the essence – we need to order a bed for our room as we’ve got a rental at the moment and almost everything takes 6 weeks to deliver. And lights. We need lights.  It’s a bit depressing having only two rooms that are not bathrooms with any kind of lighting.

The weather has been varying between hot and sunny to hot and muggy. This morning wasn’t too hot but was incredibly humid. I think a rain storm is coming up.  I am kind of excited to see a spectacular rain storm – partly because they are impressive and also because it will wash away the eau de piss smell around the entrance to our apartment complex.

Just woken up

The wee one seems to be getting back her stride – she’s eating like a trooper and starting to play and horse around. When she wakes up, she rolls around on her back with her front paws in the air by her face waving them around like she’s saying hello! Her belly is round, warm and pudgy.

Waving hello & yawning

Despite her paws looking horrific (you can see the worse off right one in the photo above) I think they are actually healing. The bad stuff is coming away.  Hopefully so long as she continues to be perky and happy that will also contribute to her healing. Deuce has even deigned to come within sniffing distance of the wee one (better than yesterday when he kept a full foot and half away from her always).   She managed to totter over to his side while he was distracted by her food bowl, and sniffed him before he managed to back away.   Go Strawberry! I think she’ll break Deuce down sooner or later.


I can understand too the obsession parents have with the poops of their offspring – my greeting to my hubby when he returns from walking Deuce is always “Did he poop” and “How was it?”. Unfortunately my husband is terrible at describing things which makes the questioning a long tortuous affair.  Anyways, with the wee one given her recent hospital stays you can imagine how important the whole poop question is – and finally, finally today at 4:46pm (I even noted the time!) the wee one had a totally normal poop. I was so happy I could have cried. LOL, a sign of things to come I expect when Blueberry makes her entrance.   I will try very very very hard not to share too much of it with you. 😉

Moving on…. I made cupcakes last night (belated for DH’s bday). I was super impressed with the chocolate cake recipe I used – resulting in very chocolatey, moist and light cupcakes.  Will definitely use it again.  I used a buttercream frosting which was lovely – from another Alice.  Very pleased with the results, though my frosting skills are woefully lacking.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

My first go to point for tried and tested recipes is Molly Wizenberg’s blog. The raised waffle recipe I love and always use in our waffle iron (which is coming on Thursday!!! SO EXCITED!) is also from her blog oops! I did try the Marion Cunningham one and didn’t like it – the one we always use is the yeasted one from Kate Habershon’s Pancakes and Waffles recipe book. Helen requested the recipe for the buttermilk biscuits and it won’t be a surprise that this is also from Molly Wizenberg’s blog. I adapted her cream biscuit recipe as I didn’t have enough cream and subbed half buttermilk instead.  It had a nice subtle tang, though they didn’t rise quite as much as I’d hoped. Having said that, they were also a bit wetter than the recipe called for (I used a bit too much liquid).  They still turned out quite yummy though so I agree with Molly Wizenberg that these are really foul proof biscuits! The biscuit recipe (like a very fluffy and moist scone) and the waffle recipe both originate from Marion Cunningham’s “The Breakfast Book”; I must get myself a copy.

Looking forward to our furniture arriving on Thursday. Will get some track lighting for the living room, which means I’ll be able to enjoy my favourite working spot – sitting on the sofa, listening to music or an audio book, or watching TV (if the pattern isn’t too complex) and knitting!  I’ll even have a view and not one but two little pups snuggling up next to me.   Maybe a cupcake and a cup of tea.  Heaven.


12 thoughts on “Week 1: Impressions

  1. So glad Strawberry is getting better. He’s just adorable. I think this has been good for Deuce as he’s going to have to learn to share when Blueberry arrives.

    Glad your settling in!

  2. Thanks for the link Alice and thanks too eg. Will be doing some baking soon methinks!!

    SO glad that Strawberry is settling in, will pop over and donate soon.


    H x

    • @eg, LOL yes I suspect so. I left the house yesterday with antibiotic ointment all over the front of my dress – I’d put it on Strawberry after washing her paws and as it hurts her I give her a long cuddle afterwards. Sign of things to come I suppose. 🙂

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmm those cupcakes look yummy! Poor little Strawberry, she doesn’t understand that the antibioti cream is doing her good, does she, bless her! I think I’d find it very hard to give her back. I wanted to bring several kittens that we’ve been feeeing in Greece back home with me!! Mr JK wasn’t impressed!!!

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