Boxes & Vampires

Our boxes and furniture were delivered on Thursday so finally the flat is feeling a little more ‘homely’.  The moving guys arrived and unloaded a couple boxes.

Then they unloaded a few more. Then a few more.  Pretty soon our entire lounge and kitchen were filled with them.  95 boxes in total!

The movers were really quick and put together our shelves and bed so we’re left with sorting out the books and linens.

Our lounge looks like this for the time being – once we have things put away, we’ll get the few bits and bobs still needed (coffee table, dining table & chairs, rug, and lights!) and then hang our pictures. Looking forward to all that getting sorted.  I’m not sure when the nesting instinct kicks in from pregnancy, but it sure hasn’t yet. I mean, I’m definitely glad we have a sofa, but do I have an uncontrollable urge to open the rest of our boxes and put everything away? Nope. Not an iota. The whole prospect is just overwhelming….. maybe once we have our bookshelves filled and there is some space to put the stuff from the boxes…

Friday I had an appointment with my OBY where we did all my bloods which will be the third time I’ve had blood taken for prenatal tests. I had them done twice in London.  First time in preparation for taking my results to HK, but despite waiting at the surgery for the nurse for over 3 hours, and having vials of blood extracted, apparently only midwives are allowed to take the blood that is processed for prenatal tests.  So then when I had a midwife appointment, they took the blood for prenatal stuff again.  I was also given a glucose test in London, and then again on Friday here which was one of those tests where I had blood taken three times over three hours.   I felt like I was donating blood to a vampire blood bank – they took about 12 vials of blood in total.  Boy was I happy to leave the hospital.

Strawberry is still delighting me and causing Deuce a bit of consternation.  Deuce occasionally will sit with his back to her, and she’ll nibble on him until he gets annoyed and leaves his comfy spot.  They make a little progress every day.  When I brought her home on a week ago she weighed 800 grams.  She put on 30 grams at the vets on Sunday night.  When we weighed her again on Thursday when I took her back for a check up, she was 1000 grams. Was so pleased.  Yesterday however, she started to have tummy troubles again, and despite weighing 1100 grams on Friday morning, this morning she was down a little to 1060 grams.  I’m hoping it’s just from stress (from washing her paws… she really doesn’t enjoy it) or antibiotics (she’s on those twice a day) as she’s eating well, is bright and playful and when she is awake totters around quite happily.  Will see what the vet says later today.

I’ve put up a little ticker on the sidebar to track the donations going to Hong Kong Dog Rescue.  So far we’ve raised HK$1280 for Hong Kong Dog Rescue in a week. Thanks so much to everyone.  I am sure if she could transcend the time/space continuum, little Strawberry would totter over and nibble your ear in thanks.

My goal is £500 which gives long term care for two doggies, or neuters a dozen dogs, or feeds a dog for almost 3 years. You can donate as little as HK$80 (about £6.50 or US$11) which licenses a dog and gives a rabies vaccination too (all dogs in HK must be licensed. Just like mountain bikes!!). Every little counts. So thank you watching out for and taking care of Strawberry and other rescue dogs like her.

If you do donate, let me know the amount as I keep a tally on my blog. And when we hit £500 I’ll do a draw of all the people who donated and one lucky person will get a pair of custom fit socks handknit by yours truly. More details here.

And lest we forget the season – Hallowe’en is upon us! Even here at our apartment complex they’ve gotten into the spirit and have put out a huge jack-o-lantern complete with scary spiders!  Haha but just in case we forgot where we were – see the yellow sign?

Here’s the close up. Yup – another Do Not.  Made me want to deliberately place my hand on the hallowed pumpkin JUST BECAUSE.  Juvenile, moi?

9 thoughts on “Boxes & Vampires

  1. The apartment looks huge for Hong Kong — I know from when I relocated it makes a huge difference to have your own furniture. Good luck with the vampire midwives and keep up the strong work with the Strawberry! xo eg, catie and giz.

    • @eg, It’s supposedly marginally bigger than our flat at home… though I’m dubious. I think the ‘AC room’ which I have yet to venture into – am a little afraid to see inside – takes up a good chunk of the square footage! Thankfully we have a lovely kitchen. Am off to make rice krispie squares!!

      • @alice, I remember visiting friends in HK in 1989. Their bedroom was literally the size of a queen bed with about 18 inches to spare. Your place looks lovely. And thank goodness for AC.

  2. So nice to see your space and hear your latest. We are missing you here…Our pumpkin hasn’t been carved yet, but Sophia has her costume: a one-piece dragon costume. The head is too big so it sinks down over her eyes. I told her friend Linnea that her job was to make sure that Sophia doesn’t walk into any lamposts!

  3. It must be daunting to be faced with so many boxes. I think I’d do a huge batch of baking, make a big mug of steaming hot tea, and set myself the challenge of opening a set number of boxes each day, to gradually eat away at them. Having all my ‘things’ around would make me feel at home!
    I hope little Strawberry’s blip is just temporary. xx

  4. We just moved from London to Perth, Australia and I’m now 29 weeks pregnant (22 at the move), so I feel your pain! It was also overwhelming for me – boxes plus all the medical stuff that has to be sorted out (including the 3-hr glucose tolerance – yuck), my dog in quarantine…Once I started to get things sorted I did feel nesty. The time is right when it’s right. I’m guessing you’ll feel it when other things going on have calmed down a bit. Good luck!

    • @Michelle, Wow that is a HUGE move! We got all the books on the shelves last night (10 boxes); chipping away bit by bit and seeing the empty boxes helps enormously. Oh dear – good luck with the GTT – I really hated it. And one of the needles hurt like the dickens (the nurse looked like she was practising on a potato… except it was my arm). Quarantine too! That sucks!!! Hope it goes quickly for your dog. Good luck to you too! 🙂

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