A kind of truce

Eighteen boxes empty now, and thirteen to go. A couple of days ago, we had only the brackets up for our shelves – we still had yet to fit the actual shelves onto the brackets. You can see the brackets on the wall to the back, with one shelf up. The boxes lined up in front of the bracket wall are all filled with books.

Yesterday we fitted the shelves and started to decant all our books onto them. Today I finished unpacking my tchotchkes and filled the empty spots on the shelves. Feels so much more like home already!

We plan on putting the dining table at that end of the room. Opposite the shelves is our living area, and the balcony with views of the sea. Today was a beautiful day, a very comfy 26 degrees or so and a pretty clear day too – not as clear as when I was here in July/August, but pretty good nonetheless given the past few murky days. Normally there are a couple container ships in the channel, but today was full of activity. Little speed boats zipping along, a large container, and some kind of ship with crane in the foreground.  You can see Lantau Island (where the airport is) in the distance (click to embiggen).

Watching Deuce and Strawberry interact this past week has been interesting.  The norm between the two has been as follows – Strawberry approaches Deuce,  wagging her tail, making growly noises, lowering her head and extending her paw as if to say hi.  Deuce  responds by staying stock still and watching her warily.

She’ll then slowly come closer, sniffing, wagging her tail, backing up, and the coming forward again.

As soon as she gets within touching distance however, Deuce makes a run for it.

But today was different. She was sitting in Deuce’s donut, and DH placed Deuce in next to her. Before today, he would simply jump out and run off. But today, for some reason, he stayed.  He looks rather unimpressed in the photo, but kudos to him for not running off.

She even got to gnaw on his leg a little, and though Deuce leaned away, he didn’t actually leave.

Is it because Deuce finally has warmed to the little one?  Or, far more likely, I think he has figured out that she means extra snacks for him. He has taken to jumping into her play area and scoffing up whatever food she’s left in her bowl.  Rather naughty of him, but given his piggy ways, totally unsurprising!

16 thoughts on “A kind of truce

  1. Oh boy! So many new things, I can hardly keep up! Strawberry is a little darling, and Deuce is so cute with her! I love how he leans away from her. You’ll see – soon enough they’ll be thick as thieves… This is good practice for Deuce for when the little Blueberry comes! Whisky has always been very protective of Scott but has recently started moaning a whole lot since Scott became mobile. A colleague of mine pointed out that it’s difficult when one’s used to being an only child…

    • @Jenny, I agree re the only child thing – when Strawberry first came to us, and I would hold her and he would sit and stare at me with the most doleful look. Normally he is happy to sleep on his own in his bed, but recently he totally wants to be on my lap or leaned up against me. Hopefully he will bond with Strawberry and the two of them can play together… or Strawberry can play and Deuce can indulge until he loses patience. 😉 How is Scott doing? Love the vids!!

  2. Just remember if Deuce bites or snaps at Strawberry, don’t punish him, he has to establish pack order and she will probably get so annoying he has to do it! We have a 10 year old weimaraner with a new puppy and boy does he get sick of puppy antics!

    • @Rachel, he’s snapped at her only a few times so far – incredibly patient I think. I’ve seen him before with rambunctious puppies and he does try to correct them if they get too much!

  3. You were lucky that Strawberry turned out to be submissive, or at least a little respectful of Deuce! Grindle (our 10 year old) sounds just like Deuce, I liken him to the grumpy old grandfather tolerating the annoying grandchild 😉

    • @Rachel, Absolutely – it’s hilarious. He sort of stays still and tolerates, for a time. Then enough is enough and she is told off. Quick and stern, he never actually bites her. But she sulks nonetheless when it happens.

  4. Hi Alice,

    Well done on the unpacking front, thats a great start !

    Love the pics of Deuce and Strawberry, so cute, sounds as tho they are doing fine together, if Deuce needs a time out let him have it x

  5. Oh Alice!

    They are adorable together. Strawberry is so tiny! She looks much better now! You must keep her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Alice C, She is so bright and curious – it’s so sweet watching her toddle along. And she’s getting speedy too! Especially when she is after your toes (she likes to nibble them).

  6. I don’t envy you having to unpack all those boxes! My nesting instincts were strong especially with Charlie. I had the dining room redecorated, all new windows fitted, new conservatory added then about 3 weeks before C arrived I repainted his nursery, sewed curtains and went nuts cleaning the house. Ever since then, total lack of nesting instinct!

    Strawberry is just too cute. I want her, lol. One of the cats in our neighborhood (the really sweet one that always tries to come into my house that also loves my kids) appears to be pregnant. If she is I want to ask the owners if we can have a kitten. Our kitty might flip out but she’d eventually have to get over it, right?

    I have something for you and for Pink Blueberry. Must get my act together and mail it this week 🙂

  7. OMG your shelves and books – Wonderful !!!!

    Strawberry is so cute with Deuce, I reckon that by your next post they’ll be the best of friends and snuggled up together !!!

  8. Oh dear Deuce, you still have number one place in my heart. You are the best and I know you’ll give sweet Strawberry the patience and love you showed me. Miss you Alice and Deuce. x

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