Two Berries and a Pug

Slowly order is being restored to the flat and a semblance of a home is emerging. The rental bed we have for our room is being picked up on Tuesday next. Our mattress arrives on Monday for the new bed, which itself is being delivered next Wednesday. Just in time too as my mom is coming on Thursday and she’ll need to use the double in the guest room, which I’ve been sleeping on.   The rental mattress is just too dang hard! It’s like sleeping on a plank of wood.  Not so bad when I was 14, but being preggers it really isn’t ideal.  Very excited about the new mattress – it has individual pocket springs and a latex topper. I’ve always been curious about pocket springs since I mostly slept on futons growing up (teenager choice). I remember TV adverts for pocket spring mattresses (Sealy, I think), which for some reason always made me think pocket spring mattresses were so grown up! A larger sideboard for the dining area arrived today (woot!) which means we free up some much needed cupboard space in the kitchen.  Still have a dozen boxes to go through, but all in good time.

The phone line for the flat was installed yesterday. A guy who looked like he was 14 arrived with a backpack full of technological goodies, including our new video phone.

It looks pretty snazzy, though to be honest I am not entirely sure what to do with it. It’s kind of like an ipad – it is connected with our TV box via wifi so we can watch telly on it. There is a youtube icon too so I guess when I get bored of watching TV I can surf youtube. I like the clock and weather function, so that’s good.  I love my TV shows, but am not totally addicted to TV – not to the extent that I require a TV in the kitchen and bathroom (there is one in the master bathroom which is hidden inside the mirrored cabinet on the wall. We’ve never used it!) AND on my phone.  I’m not sure if many other people also have video phones – I hope not. I’d hate to answer the phone looking like I do now – hair all over, dog food spilled down my front (minor accident when feeding Deuce just now), looking like I literally rolled out of bed. Which I did, not a few hours ago (I’m pregnant! Which means I get to sleep during the day heehee).

Blueberry is doing well, growing apace. I am starting to look like I swallowed a watermelon!  I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I really do feel so lucky not to feel pregnant – I still have no weird cravings (other than wanting to eat fruit and vegetables… but is wanting to eat healthy a craving?), and my appetite is pretty normal.  No heartburn or nausea.  My toes look a little pudgier than normal but overall nothing to be alarmed about.  I almost forget I’m pregnant.  Except the one thing that reminds me that I am pregnant: I am incredibly absent minded.  I was making biscuits this morning and had put some butter into a dish to melt… went to the microwave with it, and then I couldn’t find it.  There was maybe 5 steps involved between leaving the counter and arriving at the microwave but I managed to lose the butter! It took me a few minutes to find it again.  And just now, making dinner (we had crepes with mushrooms & tarragon chicken in a cream sauce. mmmmm Marja I thought of you!), I took out the oven mitts, went to the oven (again maybe only 2 steps) and managed to misplace the mitts again.  It’s probably a good thing that I’m spending a fair bit of time indoors.  I’m liable to forget how to cross the street!

I’ve been really touched by everyone’s support and concern for Strawberry. She really is a sweetheart isn’t she? The vet figured out (don’t ask) that she has a case of coccidia which basically is why she’s had such tummy trouble. She’s now on two types of antibiotics which I give her twice a day via a wee syringe squirted into her mouth. She doesn’t like it much and squirms a fair bit trying to hide in the crook of my arm to avoid the meds.

Thankfully I no longer have to soak her paws, just give them a good wipe and clean twice a day before putting her healing ointment on. She cried so much I found it really quite upsetting each time I had to soak them.

Being the wee warrior, she’s healing like a demon and you can barely tell her claws are missing from her left front paw and right back paw. Her right front paw is healing nicely too – I used to be able to see the tip of her bone poking out the top of her pinky toe, but now it’s all covered with new skin. Very pleased and relieved that she is healing so fast.

She’s such a sweet little thing – who falls asleep at the drop of a hat.  Her yawns are adorable – and I learned that some dogs have spotted tongues! She certainly does.

Here’s a vid for all of you cheering Strawberry on – she’s learned to growl in the last few days and is using her new skills on Deuce who is, well, quintessentially Deuce. Sorry for the bad lighting (took this one at night in our flat) and the bad focus – I don’t quite know how to use the video function on my camera. Still, it was too cute not to share.

7 thoughts on “Two Berries and a Pug

  1. OMG that is so cute! She so much wants to play. Poor Deucey will have a run for his money any day now. Glad you are feeling well, but you need a pedi LOL.

  2. She doesn’t seem too ferocious (what with the frantically wagging tail). So cute. Can’t wait to meet her when I visit 😉

  3. Thanks for the video, it’s helping me get through an unutterably tedious day at work! So cute! I’ll show it to Alastair later, he’ll love it too.

    Keep well!

  4. I love her spotted tongue! She looks so cheerful now. Maybe she knows there’s a peanut gallery all over the world cheering her on, too?

  5. That is SO cute, it made me LOL !!!

    Deuce really is fascinated by her, but doesn’t seem to know how to go about playing with her – maybe he knows she’s still not up to full grown up dog play yet !!!

    The Video phone looks fascinating ( I love technology!), but like you say, wouldn’t want to answer it when I look my worst, but I’m assuming that there is an option where you can switch between video phone mode and ordinary phone mode?

    Air sprung mattresses – you really will wonder how you ever lived without one, and will find every excuse possible to go to bed !!!

  6. Hi Alice,

    I just love the video of Deuce and Strawberry, thank you for sharing. I know Pugs are classed as small but Deuce looks massive next to strawberry, I thought Strawberry sounded like a mobile vibrating at first so funny.

    The video phone looks amazing, I’ve just changed my mobile so I know how you feel ! We have a pocket sprung memory foam mattress it is heaven !

    Take care x

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