Furniture Torture, Budding Friendship

Another round at Horizon Plaza for furniture ‘shopping’, though torture is probably a better description.  I think I have lost the will to live. Hubby and I are not good shopping partners – he likes to go to the same shop 3, 4, 5, even 6 times to look at the SAME THINGS over and over. Me, I like to go once, maybe twice. The first time to collect prices and sizes, spend some time mulling things over, then go back to buy and get the whole thing over and done with.  Spending an inordinate amount of time going back and forth looking at the same things makes me want to pluck my eyes out to spare them from having to see the same sodding coffee table yet again. Thank god today we finally have ordered the big items we need for the flat –  dining table, chairs, coffee table, shoe cabinet and a filing cabinet – despite of course having decided on the coffee table, shoe cabinet and chairs weeks ago; some things take 4-6 weeks to delivery so we’ve made the whole process weeks longer than it need be.   I find the whole to-ing and fro-ing particularly frustrating as I tend to be the type of person to assess a situation, figure out what needs doing and what is possible, and make a firm decision taking into account all factors.  I dislike wasting time on fussing.  Hubby however is king of fuss.  Even a simple decision such as ‘shall we do X on Saturday’ to which I answer ‘yes let’s do X on Saturday’ becomes a long winded discussion about whether we are going to do X, whether I want to do something different, blah blah.  Which means we end up not doing X because we are busy discussing whether to do X or not.   I think for the remaining items we need I am just going without him and making executive decisions. Otherwise we are likely to be without rubbish bins or laundry basket for another month.

Deuce is starting to play with little Strawberry and tease her too a little.  Here he is on the sofa, little Strawberry lying next to him, trying to nibble his paws. Deuce just lay there sort of snoozing, and lifting his paw time to time out of her reach.  He looks like he’s enjoying himself.

Then they just sort of lay there happily snoozing (him) and playing with Deuce’s paws (her).  It’s so nice to see Deuce accepting her as part of the ‘pack’ and being more relaxed about her playing with him.

Today was election day for district councils; there were supporters at the main junction near us waving hello and urging everyone to vote. These guys were supporters for Paul Zimmerman, a Dutch expat who is the incumbent the District Councillor for Pokfulam, the district we live in.  He seems to have a good head on his shoulders – will be interesting to see how the election pans out as he is the only non-Chinese councillor I’ve seen in the election campaign.

The jack-o-lantern in our forecourt has since been removed and has been replaced with Christmas decorations (argh! already?! I’m not ready I’m not ready!).  Kind of trippy given the temperature today was 28 degrees and 83% humidity; I’m used to cold weather and snow and Santa going together. I didn’t see any Do Not Touch signs around the Santa display, though being in the fountain is a pretty good deterrent!

And to leave you with a pair of cheeky sculptures – ones that greet me whenever I take Deuce down for a walk as they are right outside the service lift entrance.  Makes me giggle every time.

12 thoughts on “Furniture Torture, Budding Friendship

  1. Such a cute photo of Strawberry and Deucey. Glad to hear he’s making friends and glad to hear that you’re filling the place up with furniture. And hear hear for executive decisions! That’s what I would say the wifely role consists of.

  2. Those dogs are so cute – the video on the previous post made me all nostalgic for when my first dog was a puppy – so long ago! I love the waggy tail that says “I want to pounce!”
    Good luck in finishing the furnishings – I am really looking forward to a weekend that does not involve looking at or collecting something else for the apartment.

    • @Kate, Hi! Looking forward to meeting you at snb! Ahhh yes it will be SO nice to not be spending time getting stuff for the flat. Hopefully we’ll all be settled by Christma.

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  4. YAY- I knew Deuce and Strawberry would come to love each other :-)!!

    Furniture shopping sounds a nightmare – good luck, rather you than me !!

    Thanks for the update

    H x

  5. Great pics of the pooches.

    Definitely do the rest of the furniture shopping on your own, that would drive me crazy going back and forth so much!

    The statute is very funny indeed !

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