And then there was light….

Another clear day – cooler today at 23 degrees, but a whopping 97% humidity! Normally Lantau Island is difficult to see in the mist/smog – but today it’s clear as day. Pretty large island too (click to embiggen).

A simple thing, but wow it makes a big difference – the lights DH and I picked up last week were installed today.  Hallelulah!

SOOO nice to have a little more illumination in the flat. Another step closer to making this our home.

I mentioned before that the bump now looks like I swallowed a basketball. Here is photographic evidence!

I can now see Blueberry moving and pushing against my belly from the outside (on top of feeling her inside) and it is FREAKY.   I have to admit I’m a little squeamish about the whole being inside my belly thing – especially when she moves and makes it very obvious she is her own little being with her own mind.  LOL I think the best thing is just to take it all day by day, and try not to become a neurotic mess!

11 thoughts on “And then there was light….

  1. What a lovely “basketball”! You’re doing good!

    On a separate note, I just received my copy of “Socktopus”, and its outstanding! I love the fact that the charts are so large in it, and the patterns are beautiful! Only problem I’ll have is trying to pick which one I’ll do first!

  2. Just a huge thank you for publishing your book with the only instructions that have enabled me to cast on a toe up sock. Quite briliant. Thanks to you i have broken through the enigma which for years has eluded me. Very grateful and no longer frustrated sock knitter.

  3. Great news about you adopting Strawberry! Those pictures of Deuce and her playing together are just so cute! Good to see your bump growing nicely.

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