Mind your doggy Ps and Qs

Three.  That’s the number of boxes we have left to unpack! And it’s mostly my yarn and crafty stuff, so we need to get some kind of storage cabinet to unload them into.  We’re definitely getting there.  We got lights, our bed was delivered yesterday and assembled.  Slept on it last night, and the mattress is quite firm. Jury is still out as I loved our memory foam one – it was the only bed I slept on that reduced/eliminated back pain, but our new one is really firm.  Too firm to my mind but hubby seems to think it is more comfortable. I am annoyed I listened to him about the softer version being less comfortable for his back particularly since he often has no clue about what is comfortable or not (buying shoes with him is another pita) and would happily sleep on the ground.

My mom is arriving today after a brief visit to family in Taipei. She’s bringing a ton of jiaozi (like japanese gyoza. Sadly the ones i’ve had so far in Hong Kong – even the ones recommended in the Michelin guide –  just aren’t that good.  Northern cuisine just isn’t their forte here) and shaobing both the sweet and savoury kind. Yum!

Deuce and Mei Mei continue their budding friendship/understanding.    Mei Mei loves to nibble on his paws and ears… Deuce is I think becoming more and more easy about it, though he did tell her off again yesterday. Poor Mei Mei ran under the sofa and didn’t want to come out.  Still, puppy exuberance refuses to be kept down.  Soon after she was up to her old antics again.  She’s totally eyeing up his ear to nibble…

But decides to just lie quiet for the time being.

She’s also taken to wandering off to the kitchen for a snooze. Her new favourite spot is in the corner behind the kitchen door, beside or behind Deuce’s bed.  She loves sleeping on her back with her little legs sticking straight out. Super cute.

This morning was the first time I have seen Deuce actually interact properly (not half asleep) with her.

He paws her head a first time, almost unnoticed by her, then more obviously later on. I was intrigued by this – the timing of Deuce’s yawns and her response to it all. Did a little googling and it seems the head-pawing is a sort of ‘hey cutie, I like you but remember who’s top dog!’. The yawn is a calming/stop sign. And Mei Mei lying down right after the head pawing, side facing to Deuce is an acknowledgement of Deuce being top dog. Of course, being a puppy, she then gets up and tries to play some more with Deuce. So pleased though that Deuce was appropriately gentle with her and seems to be trying to teach and communicate with her. Very important for puppy since she won’t have had anyone/dog to teach her doggy manners!

9 thoughts on “Mind your doggy Ps and Qs

  1. I am so enjoying your little videos. I see that Deuce is a good big brother. I hope that your mom likes your new home. I know she will be so glad to see you. Stay well xxx

  2. Hi Alice

    So happy that you have made strawberry a part of your family! Can’t wait to meet Mei Mei and blueberry ! Hope you are having a good visit with your mom.

  3. I’ve been meaning to post to say yay that DH saw the light and you’ve now adopted this cute little one 🙂

    I love that pic of Deuce and Mei Mei on the couch. To me it looks like Deuce is putting on the “see what I have to put up with” look.

  4. In the video it looks like Deuce is doing that “Down, girl!” motion with his paw. So cute and funny, I love the videos!

    And I have to say, I was pretty sure Mei Mei wouldn’t be going anywhere once she came home with you!

  5. Just too cute for words!!!!

    Hope you have a lovely time with your mum !!

    We solved the soft/hard mattress thing by buying a super kingsize bed – effectively 2 singles zipped together, he has is firmer mattress and I get my softer mattress – problems solved !!!

  6. We love your videos of Deuce and Mei Mei. I hope you dont have to sleep with your Mum as the new bed is not comfortable. Looking forward to seeing you all Sunday. X

  7. Mei Mei is adorable! As is Deuce, of course.

    My recommendation for the mattress problem is to get a feather bed. It doesn’t take away from the underlying firmness of the mattress, but it makes it a whole lot softer. I hate sleeping without a feather bed. Get one with channel baffles (that run the length of the bed) as opposed to square baffles so that it lasts longer. The square baffles get all squished where you lie and then you can’t fluff them up again. They even have non-feather ones if you’re allergic to down.

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