Wrapped with Love

Knit Love Club 2012 sign ups are still open! Treat yourself (or a loved one) for Christmas to a whole year of knitting love!

Last time I saw my dear maman was when we headed home for Christmas, so it’s been nearly a year! As you can imagine, I was super excited to see her! She arrived on Thursday armed with a ginormous box of jiaozi, shaobing, winter gourd tea (sounds gross but is delicious – kind of like a cooling ice tea without the bitter afterbite of tea) and other goodies from Taiwan and Canada.

It’s fun taking my mom around – she used to come to HK alot on business but mostly spent time in Central and TST.  She’d never been to the mid-levels so of course I took her down to the escalator.

We went to Lane Crawford – where they were giving away free knitting kits!  You get a cool little project bag, a cone of yarn, and a pair of bamboo knitting needles.  The kits are a charity initiative called “Wrapped with Love” sponsored by Club Monaco and Lane Crawford for Crossroads, calling on the community to knit 8″x8″ squares to be sewn into blankets and then distributed to those in need.

I have to say I’m super impressed – Lane Crawford is kind of like Liberty’s / Harvey Nics in London – very high end.  14 years in London and never have I seen such top end department stores participating in such a grassroots, hands on, community project.  Hubby saw this ad for the initiative in the South China Morning Post and kept it for me (click to embiggen). Alot of the items are crochet covered, but the sentiment is sound. 🙂

We passed by the Apple Store in IFC on Friday when the iphone 4S was released for sale – and it was insane. Some had been camping since Monday night! People were limited to 5 units each – and there were LOADS of people there with big old suitcases filled with apple products. I’ve never seen anything like it.  Apparently people were reselling the iphone right then and there outside the Apple shop!

Hubby spent the weekend in Hanoi for a work jolly I mean perfectly serious business conference.  Mom and I went to Horizon Plaza (for bedside tables… part of the seemingly never ending list of stuff for the flat), which she found a little creepy…and I guess, objectively, it kind of is. Sort of warehouse-y and kind of dilapidated looking.  Of course, once she saw the shoe shops it was much more exciting for her! LOL.

Mei Mei currently has a makeshift sleeping/playing/potty area made of the moving boxes from London.  We came home on Saturday to find a free little black fluff ball coming to the door to greet us – she’d managed to find a space in her makeshift pen to wiggle through.  Since she isn’t quite housetrained, and I’m also wary of letting Deuce have unsupervised access to her (he is so much bigger than her and isn’t quite aware of his strength), when we were at Horizon Plaza we also picked up a proper plastic pen from Whiskers and Paws. While we were there I also thought it time to get her her own little bed.  We brought it home, and the first thing that Deuce did? Climbed inside and claimed it for his own. Despite the fact that it is really much too small for him!  Luckily Mei Mei seems to prefer the floor for snoozing during the day – I think she’ll find it cozy come winter.

Oh and I need to make a correction from my previous post about where I got my waffle recipe! I did try the Marion Cunningham one from Orangette, but the one we decided was our favourite is from Kate Habershon’s Pancakes and Waffles recipe book.  Which I am off to make right now!

6 thoughts on “Wrapped with Love

  1. Great charity project. And so good to see a big store joining in.
    Deuce cracked me up. What is it with dogs and itty bitty beds? My sister’s dog (a blue heeler) used to love curling up in my cat’s basket. I could never figure out if he was comfortable, or just did it to annoy my little boy 🙂

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