Try Try Again

Have managed to catch a cold, which was miserable the first day. Getting a bit better now, but once I’m well am off to get a flu shot. Totally sucks being ill and not being able to take anything effective for relief (ahh Nurofen Plus how I miss you! The things we give up for a Blueberry).

Mei Mei is getting stronger by the day – yesterday she began to stand on her hind legs when she wants to get up on the sofa. Still a little wobbly, but oh the determination you can see in her face!

Took Mei Mei to the vet this morning – and Dr Tony was really pleased with how she is doing. I was worried I was overfeeding her – but he said that puppies have miraculously elastic bellies that enable them to eat alot without harm…. which is good because Mei Mei has turned out to really like her food. And it shows in a massive belly! She now weighs 1.5 kgs, almost twice what she did when I got her three weeks ago! She tries so hard to play with Deuce still – and though she’s learned that Deuce will tell her off if she bites his tail, she still thinks it’s the best thing. Poor Deuce – he makes it seem like he’s got such a cross to bear! And she’s gotten creative with how she tries to entice him to play. Watch and see!

15 thoughts on “Try Try Again

  1. Oh, that is the cutest photo ever! And I’m sure the Blueberry will appreciate all your sacrifices – get well soon!

  2. Awww, she’s so cute! I love the shot of her peeking over the edge of the sofa.
    Sorry you’re not feeling well. I hope you manage to kick it quickly. Yes I’d definitely recommend the flu jab. I didn’t and instead got the flu. 3.5 weeks later and I’m still trying to kick it

  3. 1. It is so great to have frequently news from you.
    2. The picture of Mei Mei is the cutest thing.
    3. I hope that you will get better very quickly
    4. I made through the first stage of my exam and am permitted to pass the oral exam… next June. Some long months of studying before me. But it feels great.

    Take good care of yourself.

  4. I’m really loving the updates on Deuce and Mei mei, she gets cuter everytime, Deuce looks incredibly patient and I love Mei mei’s lovely little belly.

    Enjoy your time with your mum, hope you feel better sooner rather than later. I have had the flu jab for the last 3 years and since then when I have had a cold its been no where near as bad so its a yes from me x

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