A lovely day for a waddle

We made it! LOL it really wasn’t a huge distance we walked, but the drop of 400 feet meant that we took a really winding route which took about 1.5 hours from Peak to Lan Kwai Fong.  This was the route we took.

We started at the Peak Galleria, where around 2000 walkers and their pooches were gathered for the start, including DH and Deuce.

And finally the start! We all queued to get down the stairs for the first section down Barker Road.

These cheerful signs pointed us in the right direction, plus loads of HKDR and Disney volunteers who made sure we followed the right route down.

Me & Cookie & Deuce.  The weather was perfect – not too hot with clear blue skies.

The views were amazing – as were some of the houses we passed. This mansion perched on the side of the mountain had a manicured lawn next to their expansive terrace and the most incredible views.

Deuce got to make friends along the way. I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Ahh the halfway sign. Although the distance wasn’t much (I think around 5 km) the downhill was more tiring than I expected.

Another shot of the skyline. Look at the mountains in the distance! It’s almost never clear enough to see them.

More new friends for Deuce.

There were quite a few doggy strollers too – and these three pooches looked like they were having a great (and thoroughly relaxing) day out.

We finally made it to Lan Kwai Fong – where the street fair was in full swing. It was so crowded we couldn’t find a place to sit for lunch so we headed to nearby Wyndham Street just above LKF.

We found a table, and put our feet up. Oooh it was so nice to sit! We got some much needed watering and feeding (and for me bathroom breaks!).  Happy!

Thank you again to everyone who sponsored my waddle down the Peak.  If you’d like to see more photos of the day, check out HKDR’s Facebook album here and here.

The day did have a black mark on it – our friend M was supposed to join us with her two little ones, but disaster struck and her wallet was stolen at the start.  It must be a very low type of person who would target a mom with a baby, stealing her wallet as she tended to her child and then go off and spend 50,000 HKD shopping at at the IFC mall (including apparently 28K at the Apple Store).  If there is such a thing as karma I really hope the thief gets what’s coming to them.  The police were called and M ended up spending the rest of the day sorting things out with the police and credit card companies.

Meimei is now a full head taller than she was (standing on her hind legs) and is really the cutest little thing, though she has the most incredible talent of finding things she shouldn’t and gnawing on them.  Her legs have literally grown longer overnight. She’s still too scared to go out on the balcony, but day by day she grows bolder so I think it won’t be long now.

Mom and Cookie & John have all left now, so the house is quiet again, well quieter.  Meimei really likes to talk, especially when she’s hungry and when she wants Deuce to play with her.

9 thoughts on “A lovely day for a waddle

  1. Great photos looked a lovely day for a stroll / waddle ! Great shame about your friend’s wallet being stolen, I hope Karma kicks in asap.

    Strange question but in the photo of you and Cookie, are you wearing a pair of “FitFlops”? I love them, the most comfortable footwear on the planet, if you don’t have them definitely get some.


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