Autumn Days in Winter

Thank you to everyone who sponsored my Peak to Fong Waddle. You’ve helped to raise a total of HK$4220 to date for Hong Kong Dog Rescue! Thank you!! I’m still doing the prize draws for direct donations to HKDR – the next draw is on the 5th December but only one new person has been added to the pot so your chances are quite good to win my new book. šŸ˜€

Meanwhile Hong Kong life…. the weather has been cooling down – today is a lovely 20 degrees and 70% humidity. Very comfy.Ā  I’ve got the balcony windows open so I’ve got a nice fresh breeze coming in. It’s cool enough that I’ve got one of my wool cardis on. This is really my favourite kind of weather, lovely clear autumn days that are cool enough for wool garments. What trips me up is how green everything still is. I keep expecting to see the reds and golds of autumn given the weather – and of course it is December already which means in my head it ought to be winter. I think next Christmas I’m going to have to go somewhere with snow!!!

Earlier this week I had a minor bout of hives – first time ever – and it freaked me right out. I totally sympathise with those who get breakouts. It’s horrible! I felt like I was borderline insane – the itching was so totally relentless. Thankfully calamine lotion and Piritin sorted me out, and after a few days of hives appearing all over my arms and legs, it seems to be abating. Because chicken pox is so rare here (kids all get vaccinated for it), calamine lotion is actually pretty hard to come by. Luckily my doctor had some to hand so I’ve got a precious bottle of it. Ahh the glories of being pregnant.

Our dining table and chairs finally arrived today – yay! Now we can put our pictures up on the wall (well, we can start deciding where to place them). Slowly slowly we’re almost there! Baby stuff arrives at the weekend. I need somewhere to put my yarn… is it bad to commandeer her dresser for my yarn? She’s only wee so her clothes don’t take up much room…

Meimei’s had a bit of puppy dandruff, so today she was given a bath with some special shampoo to help her skin normalise. She was so good, but didn’t really enjoy it. She looks like she feels she’s been hard done by, doesn’t she?

She is such a funny little pup – totally fearless at times but then something unfamiliar will throw her for a loop and she’ll become really quiet and subdued until she gathers her courage again. After her bath she was happy to let me cuddle her for a while – she only lets me do this when she’s sleepy or in need of reassuring after a scare. Once she starts squirming and trying to nibble everything in reach I know she’s back in cheeky form.

Remember this photo of Meimei from 2 weeks ago?

This is how much she has grown in the interim.Ā  Pretty soon she’ll be able to jump up on the sofa herself!

She’s still enjoying tormenting Deuce.

And Deuce, still ever so stoic and disinterested. Such an old man!

11 thoughts on “Autumn Days in Winter

  1. Maybe the bath reminded her a bit too much of getting her paws cleaned when they were damaged. But she does look so cute all wet. And look how much she’s grown! Is it just me, or does her face now look a lot like a lab puppy?

    Poor Deuce, he looks so hard done by šŸ™‚

    As to the yarn, I’m sure your baby won’t mind sharing. And it’s best you start a precedent so there’s no complaining down the road šŸ˜‰

  2. she is so cute. looks like lab and border terrier mix. Deuce loves it all really! As for yarn you could pile it in her crib and all but one of her dresser drawers. She can sleep in one drawer and she only needs like 3 sleepsuits and nappies!d

  3. Ha – wishful thinking. Find another place for your yarn. I bet Baby will have so many cute outfits that a single dresser isn’t going to be enough!

    I’m sorry I completely missed your Peak to Fong Waddle. I had it in the back of my mind but thought that I had also plenty of time. I guess I did have plenty of time – it just slipped away from me somehow…

    But I think you look great! And other than the hives, you seem to be symptom free, yes? We’re going to miss you this weekend! Scott keeps asking me, “When am I going to meet Auntie Alice??” And then I say, “Soon enough and, at the same time, you’ll also get to meet your xiao mei mei.”

    • @Jenny, LOL oooh can’t wait to meet little Scott – and wow he’ll be running around everywhere when I meet him! And he’ll meet his little mei mei! šŸ˜€

      I have had it good – if hives is the only thing I get in the pregnancy I count myself lucky. heehee.

  4. Love the pics of Meimei, she’s so dinky all wet but then it’s amazing how big she is getting when you look at the previous picture, she’ll soon be overtaking Deuce, who seems ever so patient.

    You should see my Gsd chasing my whippet around our garden, very funny but very important to stand safely out of the way as they race around so fast you could get knocked over in the process, I will have to try and capture it, there are lots of play bows and spinning then the big chase starts!

    As for your storage issue, baby has to fit in with you not the other way round, having said that I have 2 dogs and no children and I have commandered our little bedroom at home for all my wool and other crafty goods, even my husband isn’t allowed in that room lol !

    Take care x

  5. Would you consider ship some of your yarn might not be in used for a while to Calgary ? I won’t charge you any storage fee for as long as you needed.

  6. Love to read about what is going on in your life. Pics of the pups are too cute. I hope you still find time to write after the big event! Miss you xx

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