From Fitflops to Uggs

Congrats to my cousin E who is getting married today in California. Sadly couldn’t make the wedding (a long haul flight at 30 weeks would have been torture!) but sending him and his soon to be wife the happiest of wedding wishes.

Yesterday I was walking Deuce in jeans and a zipped up fleece and I was cold. Could have also been the flip flops I was wearing! The weather has continued to cool – just last week was flip flop and sleeveless top weather, but we’ve moved beyond that now.

Time to break out the Uggs and my warm wool/cashmere/alpaca cardi-coat. DH kept telling me I’d have no need of it in Hong Kong… glad I ignored him and got the coat anyway. Also ordered some shearling slippers  in preparation for when the flat starts to cool down inside as well. 

I got a pair similar to the one above from a Finnish market about 12 years ago and have always had a pair since – LOVE them!!  Seriously, wearing shearling against your bare feet is absolutely the best way to keep your toes warm and toasty.  Wearing cotton socks, especially if your feet tend to perspire, will just result in cold feet.

Say hello to my old friend Joe.  Mmmmm hello old friend, how I’ve missed you!!

I  finally got the urge for a morning latte again and did a thorough clean of our old Gaggia machine yesterday. DH made some mean lattes this morning for breakfast. Frank the Tank had it right:  “Tastes so good when it touches my lips!” Paired with the cinnamon swirl coffee cake I made yesterday and the morning paper on our dining table made for quite a civilised breakfast! I love sitting at the table – this is the first time we’ve had cushioned dining chairs – so comfy!

There has been knitting… but alas it’s all suuuper sekrit stuff. Will be able to show pics in a few weeks time. 🙂

For Meimei & Deuce fans – another short vid. I love the bit where she runs and hides behind the stuffed bear under the table, then peeks out to see where Deuce is at.  Such a mischievous imp! If you’d like to donate to HKDR there still two days before the next draw from my book. 🙂

8 thoughts on “From Fitflops to Uggs

  1. Poor old Deuce. He is such a good sport! Frankly, I am surprised that you are sitting on the floor. Isn’t it hard to get up? The cinnamon cake looks so good. Take care, sweetie xx

    • LOL i’m surprisingly mobile! The only things I have difficulty with are bending over (to pull on boots, picking stuff up from under things or from low cupboards). Otherwise no real discomfort. Sleeping on my back still – and i can actually lie on my stomach on a soft surface without feeling uncomfortable, though I worry about squishing blueberry so I avoid doing it.

  2. Too funny Alice, I bought a pair of Shearling slippers today and some cinnabuns at Costco. Somehow I ddin’t imagine that it would get cold in HK !!! Shows how little I know !!

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