32 weeks 4 days

Lesley the sweetheart very kindly asked me to redraw a name for the Socktopus book prize – since she’s a muggle and her partner already has the book. The new winner is dear Eirwen!

My belly has taken on a life of its own (literally) and is now a great protrusion from my body. It’s amazing how much it has grown over the short span of a couple weeks. DH took a photo of the bump this morning – it’s funny how you don’t really see yourself properly until you see a photo of yourself! It really isn’t the same as looking in the mirror. I look like I have a basketball shoved up my shirt.

Breathing is getting harder – I’m often short of breath, and the amount of water I now consume is pretty crazy. I even have dreams I am drinking water but still thirsty. The cool thing is that I haven’t had to buy too many maternity clothes – most of my tshirts will fit over the bump, and my two pairs of maternity jeans are definitely being put to use. The only complaints I have are mild to intense itching on my sides, and getting lightheaded when I bend over – otherwise am happy to report am feeling fine, and can still comfortable sit on the floor!

The past weeks I’ve been organising the volunteer’s Christmas party for Hong Kong Dog Rescue, but since it is a fairly informal affair it really was just getting the food and drinks sorted for the party which took place last night. It was really lovely to meet all the people that keep the wheels of HKDR running, though I have to admit I was knackered as I hadn’t slept well the night before.  Still was good fun and so nice to see all those happy faces!

On Wednesday I went to my first Hong Kong knit night – and met fellow knitters! There is a secret santa next Wednesday so I’m looking forward to that too.

It’s been a bit weird living in a vacuum – being here without the benefit of a structured social environment like school or work means the opportunity for meeting people is mostly 2 degrees apart – that is friends of friends, so it was doubly nice to finally have the time and opportunity to get out and meet people with similar interests like at knit night and at the HKDR party.

DH went to a 1920s fancy dress party this week – and had a cracker of a costume. He managed to pull it together at the last minute by buying a pair of herring bone trousers and vest from H&M, pairing it with some rowing socks and his uni bow tie.  Pretty Great Gasby, no? He’s just missing a walking stick and fedora!

I picked up a wee Christmas tree this week as well – only 3 feet tall, small but perfect for living on top of the cabinet. I figured  it was much safer to have the tree out of reach of furry little imps.

I also got it into my head to knit a big cozy throw to match our sofa.  I was member to a couple yarn & pattern clubs this year, one of them being my friend Anne’s Fall in Full Colour club.  The second last yarn installment was a worsted weight yarn from Briar Rose in a gorgeous autumnal colourway (Fourth of July, but not sure what the colourway is called) which just sang to me.  I managed, through trading with others in the club, to get my paws on 5 hefty skeins of the colourway (over 2000 yards worth!).  Once my very last pattern for the Knit Love Club 2011 year was sent out, I wound a skein and cast-on as reward.  I had to play around with a few stitch patterns to find something that worked with the colourway (it has really short colour repeats) and finally settling on a comfortingly mindless and easy herringbone stitch.  I have 362 sts on the needles, which, at 6 sts per inch gives me a width of 5 feet. I’d like the throw to be at least 5 feet long…. and the row gauge is 6 rows per inch.  The photo below has 8 rows – so just over an inch.  I think this is going to be a long term project… I’ll be pleased if I finish it before the end of 2012.  Am really loving how it is coming out, it will be soft, squishy, and warm!

And for Meimei’s international peanut gallery, this is a recent video of her being a little rascal.  Poor Deuce!

7 thoughts on “32 weeks 4 days

  1. Alice,
    So glad you found enough Briar Rose for your throw. It’s going to be beautiful. The colorway is called Octoberfest.

  2. I really like the colour of the yarn you have chosen, I have thing for various shades of green at then moment butI’m supposed to using up my stash, although I am seriously tempted by your choice of october fest.

    Love seeing the updates of Deuce and Meimei, so funny!

    Take care

  3. Meimei is hilarious! I’m just contemplating how high up my tree is going to need to be to avoid demolition attempts. The throw is going to be great, too. It already looks squishy.

  4. Lovely rug (must check Ravelry for Herringbone Stitch – to match the herringbone trousers of your DH?). And your belly is growing beautifully. Rub lots of nice stuff (like Vit E, lanoline infused body lotions) into where the itchy bits are on your sides because that might be just stretch marks looking for places to grow. Have a wonderful merry HK Christmas, too. Hugs from Oz, Jasmine

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