Delusional Holiday Knitting

My two furballs are actually playing together!! It started earlier this week – and they are really started to have a good time. Here’s a little vid I captured this morning – you get to glimpse my awesome Life is Good pjs. Playtime sort of ended when hubby decided to wipe Meimei’s butt as he thought she sat in her pee (**rolls eyes**).

DH is now officially on holiday until after the New Year – so this morning we took Deuce down to the park for a little run around. He’s now snoozing away after coming home and playing with Meimei some more. So sweet!

I decided, at the last minute, to knit DH a jumper for Christmas. Of course, the yarn had to be from the Woolen Rabbit in the US who only dyes to order, who also happened to be undergoing back surgery on the 16th of December…. but when I sent my crazy email asking if Kim could dye the yarn and send it express to Hong Kong, Kim didn’t balk. She dyed up my yarn in 2 days and posted it to me the day of her surgery. What incredible service – and beautiful yarn and colourway to boot! I got it two days later and cast-on.

This was progress as at the 20th December – about 2″ worth of ribbing.

And today midday 9.5″ of jumper.

This is the knitting schedule:
22 Dec (today): Finish body (7″ inches more) & split for arms. Knit arm
23 Dec: Finish first arm, knit other arm.
24 Dec: Finish other arm. Join to arms to body, knit neck. Finish & Block.

I’m not entirely sure how realistic this schedule is; in fact, I fear it may be plain delusional; but what’s a holiday gift knit if it doesn’t have an edge of insanity to it? So I plan on doing all our activities today while knitting – took Deuce out for a walk and knit the whole while, later we’ve got to head out to the pet shop and get some dog food for Deuce so I’ll be shopping and knitting. Ooh boy, I like to live life on the edge. šŸ˜‰

Doesn’t Meimei look sweet and innocent here? This was taken right after she was finished being a little terror running around and pulling anything she could reach off the coffee table and chairs and hiding with her treasures (tissues, toilet roll, my knitting!!!) under the sofa so I couldn’t reach her. She is a clever little imp. When she rolls around on her back looking so cute, who can stay mad?

14 thoughts on “Delusional Holiday Knitting

  1. Love the video of the two of them playing together. They are going to be ebst buddies eventually! The WR yarn is gorgeous. I do rather like the colourway you are using! Good luck with meeting your deadline!!

  2. Is a jumper a pullover? I think it must be. I originally thought that it was like overalls. Now that would be delusional. Not just the knitting of it in 4 days but the actual idea of it.

    Deuce and Meimei are too cute! And don’t roll your eyeballs – it’s good to see D get in the habit of wiping a little one’s butt. šŸ™‚

  3. Oooo lovely choice of colour for the jumper will go with everything.
    cute video of the pooches, can meimei go out yet?
    Have a lovely christmas and new year, good luck with your knitting deadline x

  4. I agree with Jenny — it’s good to have a husband who will help clean up after the kids (2 legged and 4 legged). White Rabbit — you are having a manic Christmas! The jumper looks great and I’m glad the pups are getting along … are you having your traditional Christmas Eve fondue?

  5. The yarn is gorgeous! So what’s that thing you’ve got the ball wrapped in? Looks like an interesting way to keep the yarn clean and together at the same time.

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