Cookies & Sweaters

Merry Christmas Eve! There has been crazy knitting and I’m pleased that I’m sort of knitting to schedule –

This was the knitting schedule:
22 Dec: Finish body (7″ inches more) & split for arms. Knit arm
23 Dec: Finish first arm, knit other arm.
24 Dec: Finish other arm. Join to arms to body, knit neck. Finish & Block.

So far I’ve managed:
22 Dec: Yay! Body done & split for arms. Boom!

23 Dec: Arm number 1 done. Boom!

24 Dec: Arm 1 joined to body, boom! Knitting on arm 2.

Realisation has dawned that I’m not going to finish the neck and arm number 2 today. I can knit about a skein and a half in a day, but as I completely omitted including the chest/shoulder decreases into my knitting schedule I think that after the arm is done (1 skein) that the chest and neck will take another 2 skeins. But, am happy that there is a good chance that the sweater (lol not overalls! now that would indeed be totally nuts J!!) will be done, though not blocked, tomorrow night in time for our yuletide fondue Christmas dinner fest. Woot!

Now that Coookie’s last sock club packet has been issued, I can show you what I’ve been baking! I was lucky enough to be asked to be a guest baker twice – the first time was for my favourite white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and the second time for these socktastic sugar cookies (my favourite festive cookie)! I just love how they came out.

Aren’t they just the cutest? And they were tasty too. Glad though that all the cookies have been baked and eaten (not all by me thankfully!) as my blood sugar got a little too high with all the Christmas cookies (I got a little finger wagging at my last OBY appointment).

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve – I hope Santa is good to you!

6 thoughts on “Cookies & Sweaters

  1. Mmmmm— cookies all so pretty and cute , you must make some more when I am back in HK. Sweater looking great too. Happy X’mas day !

  2. Wow. That is some speedy knitting. I’m sure Mr Socktopus won’t mind if it’s a tad late though.

    Those cookies look great. What’s a little high blood sugar amongst friends 🙂

  3. Ooooo lovely cookies.

    We had a lovely christmas day thanks, visited both sides sets of parents, fabulous christmas dinner by my mother-in-law, chilled the rest of the afternoon on the sofa watching christmas programmes, totally chilled day, just lovely, hope you had a great day x

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