As 2011 draws to a close and a shiny new year opens up before us I thought it would be a good time to have a look at my New Year’s resolutions for 2011 and see how I did:

The Good:

  • ::eek:: update my stash page on Ravelry which is now about 2 years out of date:  I updated my stash page (after a serious culling before I moved to HK) so it is up to date.
  • add projects I’ve knit to Ravelry along with photos: Along with updating my stash page, I also photo’d and listed all my WIPs and cleaned up all the WIPs that I no longer have or were frogged.
  • cook more: since moving to Hong Kong I definitely bake more. That counts, right?
  • read more blogs more regularly: This is my part of my morning ritual now, though come February next year I’m afraid my morning ritual is likely to change significantly!

The Bad:

  • create (and use!) a gift knits schedule to avoid 3am crazed and blurry eyed last minute knitting: Um, I did avoid 3 am blurry eyed knitting for Xmas, and I did create a gift knit schedule… but it was completely crazed last minute knitting (only one, but it was a jumper that I finished a day late).
  • be more diligent and less hedonistic about working on and finishing personal knitting projects. Have less than 5 knitting works in progress (WIPs) at the end of the year: Oops – I have 12. But I ::feel:: like I’ve been more diligent on finishing personal projects… does that count? AND all the WIPs I have are ones that I want to finish….
  • give my post titles better names – makes the retrospective slightly easier! Some of the post titles were easier for me to identifiy, but not all since I totally forgot about this resolution. Oops!
  • do my taxes on time Um, they were submitted, mostly on time…

The Ugly:

  • blog at least 4 times a week: Epic fail. April, May, June I didn’t even manage once a week – and July and August not at all! I sort of picked up again in the fall after moving here…
  • no more missing people’s birthdays! Make a list and use the thing: Epic fail. I don’t even know where that list is.
  • ski more Another epic fail – but for good reason! Can’t be skiing with this huge belly. Next season though I’m on the hills for sure! I just hope my Strolz boots still fit.
  • make it to Monday knit nights more Bleh.  Didn’t do so well on those….
  • cycle more so I can go on cycle trips with hubby! Another bleh.  Still, I feel like I have a pretty good excuse!  LOL Blueberry my scapegoat….

My 2012 Resolutions:

Apart from the usual resolutions to try harder, be better, do more, these are my resolutions for the coming year:

  • Blog at least 4 times a week.
  • Finish my 12 current WIPs by the end of the year
  • Make a Gift Knits Schedule BEFORE the 18th December. In fact, plan the schedule by the 1st September, buy yarn in September and start knitting by 1 October
  • Keep Rav stash up-to-date.
  • Keep Rav projects page up-to-date.
  • Knit 3 pairs of socks for myself
  • Stay me when Blueberry comes into the world.  I’d hate for her to think I’m someone else.
  • Remember birthdays and key dates. I’m going to have to print my own calender for this….


13 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Hmmm…might be a paradox here. Part of you being you is to miss key dates!!!!! It’s like me wanting to be a morning person…

    Your blogging is inspiring me though. Need to pick it up again. Maybe that should be my resolution!

    Be it resolved…

    • @Barbara, LOL I almost mentioned that my blog reads are quicker and quicker as certain people are no longer blogging as much! 😉 It would be lovely to see read more. and we should peer pressure Mrs J F to write too – she is side splittingly funny.

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