2011 Retrospective

It’s become a little tradition of mine to look back on the year just past as we start the new one – partly because I have a memory like a sieve (not helped at all by pregnancy brain), but also to take some time and appreciate all the good in life. Glass half full and all – though I feel like 2011 has been more like cup runneth over. This year has easily been one of my most exciting so far and I’d really like to remember all the wonders in years to come.

January we rang the new year in with our nearest and dearest and an Arkansas BBQ. There was some seriously competitive Wii table tennis and bowling amongst the cowboys and sheriffs. We got a waffle iron and found the best waffle recipe ever which we’ve been using ever since. My poor teeth from all that maple syrup! Cookie A and Anne Hanson crossed the pond to join the Socktopus Cornwall Retreat, and the first of the year’s Knit Love Club kit went out with the very first Club edition of Sokkusu yarn.

February the big news was Libya’s civil war, and trying to get my dad evacuated from Tripoli.  Working continued at a hectic pace for my book, reading, proof reading, rewriting, checking, tech editing…. not to mention all the sample knitters busily knitting all the socks to be photographed.  Signed a contract on a new dye studio space for Sokkusu.

In March was the terrible earthquake in Japan, the tsunami and Fukushima the nuclear melt down.  Photo shoots for my book, and my cousin J’s baby Scott coming into the world. Moved into the new studio space. Knit Nation class schedule went up.

April was the month we first had an inkling Hong Kong was on the cards. The Royal Wedding took place, giving us a whole lotta long weekends and myself a rather bad hangover from too many margaritas.

May lovely Sandy came from Sweden for a visit and a dye class at the studio.  I went for a quick jaunt across the channel to Paris with Michaela and Yuvee to visit L’Oisivethe our Paris stockist of Sokkusu-O.  Knit Nation sign ups went live.

In June Loopy Ewe had their first sneak-up of Sokkusu-O.  Days before DH leaving for Hong Kong, we found out we were expecting a wee one.  Deuce had a nose job in preparation for our move to Hong Kong in October.  Knit Nation preparation in full swing!

July Cookie arrived to help with the preparation for Knit Nation.  Knit Nation in a flurry of yarnie and knitterly fun came and went too quickly. I had an amazing team of volunteers for which I was truly grateful – though I had no morning sickness I was very very VERY crabby alot of the time, and strangely aggressive (my driving during that period is not something I am proud of).  Spent a lovely few days in Brussels with Anne, Cookie & Carole, eating way too many chocolates, peppered with 6 hour naps as I was crazy tired.  Had my 3 month ultrasound and blood test for Blueberry – which turned out fine. Huge relief.  Then off to Hong Kong to see hubby and flat hunt!

August passed in a whirr of house packing stuff – replacing worn carpets, getting estimates for packing, finding a stager to furnish the flat (since we took all the furniture with us when we moved to HK) – and naps. Lots and lots of naps!

September DH came home for the actual packing, then we headed off for a last baby-less vacation.  My brother-in-law got married in Columbus, and we followed up with a babymoon in Malibu and a few days in West Hollywood feasting on delicious sushi.

October marked my last weeks in London.  Two glorious weeks visiting favourite places and hanging with friends, and my book launchLing came on board as production dyer extraordinaire and keeper of the London fort – a welcome addition to the Socktopus team.  Then the big move to Hong Kong with four huge cases and Deuce in towAdopted Meimei a teeny rescue pup who against all odds lived when the vets thought she wouldn’t make it. We unpacked a lot of boxes. And then unpacked some more. I started to bake, alot. Comfort and all that, plus an awesome kitchen that begged to be used. My cousin Christine got married.

In November my goddaughter turned 6.  My mom came to visit (got lots of TLC!) and we flashmobbed Lan Kwai Fong.  There was a lot of furniture torture shopping and unpacking. Cookie came to visit with her hubby and we did a sponsored walk (for me a waddle) down from the Peak to Lan Kwai Fong in aid of Hong Kong Dog Rescue.

December saw my cousin Ed married to Shau-ru.  I really hate missing weddings – they are important rites and a rare opportunity for family to get together.  Luckily we have a family reunion already planned for next year so I’ll get a chance to see all the cousins I missed in December, plus new additions to the family.  We had our first Christmas in Hong Kong. Did some crazy last minute gift knitting and churned out a a jumper for DH in 6 days. Deuce & Meimei began properly playing with each other.  Good sign for next year when Blueberry joins us. And my friend J had a baby girl! What a lovely way to end the year.

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