Growth Spurts

In the space of 10 weeks, Meimei has gone from wee little fluff pup:

To a proper doglet with ears, snout and wee little vampire teeth:

She now looks more like a proper dog, and her fluffy ears stick out like she has big fluffy pigtails.  She is incredibly curious about baths, especially bubble baths and tries to eat the bubbles.  I wonder whether she’ll be a water dog and enjoy swimming?  That would be nice as there are some good beaches over on Lamma where dogs can play.

She’s growing beautifully – from a little ragamuffin with bowed legs into something long and sleek.

She now has straight long limbs and an elegant gait (when she isn’t running around like crazy and trying to attack our toes). The fur on her back quarter where she’d been shaved has all grown back in – you can’t even see where anymore. The tip of her tail where it had been bald (after an inch of her tail had fallen off from injuries) is also now covered in shiny black fur. And the way she gallops around the flat you’d never know she had those horrific paw injuries.   She’s a happy girl, and full of life.  Do you remember how truly teeny she was when we first got her?

She’s now almost Deuce’s height, and of course at 3 months, she still has some growing to do.  It’s hard to say how big she will get since she’s a mixed breed, but my guess is she’ll be a smallish medium size dog – like a smallish border collie.

We’ve settled into a routine, where Deuce keeps us up at night with his lip smacking, ear scratching, head butting (cause he wants under the covers) and big huffy sighs when he doesn’t get his way, and Meimei is our very own rooster barking us awake at 7 am on the dot every day.  It’s quite a treat when the two of them settle down for a nap which usually happens once they’ve had their crazy play after they’ve eaten. They look so cozy curled up in their beds.

Thankfully Meimei has no territorial issues and is quite okay with Deuce taking away her play things – after all there is a basket full of toys for them to play with.  Deuce, maybe because he’s been an ‘only child’ for so long, doesn’t share quite so well… as you can see here perching dragon like on what he considers his hoard of treasures!  And he makes these awful shrill shrieks when Meimei tries to play with him and he gets all possessive over a particularly high value toy in his clutches (usually squirrelly or the bigger of the two antler bones).  My silly little man.

And as for Blueberry – she’s been growing too!  This was at 23 weeks, just before heading over to HK.

And now at 34 weeks 5 days:

I’m feeling pretty awkward – like all those pregnant women in the movies who do a weird pelvic thrust and backwards push up to get up and off sofas.  And I’m definitely waddling – I can feel and see the world tipping side to side as I walk.  Otherwise though all is good, and thankfully no swelling! The only irritations are being very itchy over the bump (sudocreme and aveeno help alot), having to pee like every 5 minutes (quite inconvenient if I want to leave the house!) and of course, Blueberry taking up room that normally is allocated to some pretty important organs, like my lungs and stomach. So breathing is sometimes a chore and I go from being almost pukey full to absolutely starving in a space of a heartbeat. I can’t quite believe Blueberry is going to get bigger, but we still have 5 weeks more growing to do. Eek!

16 thoughts on “Growth Spurts

  1. Just can’t get over how fast of Blueberry and Meimei are growing , I’ve only left HK for 2 months Meimei really looks different now , hope she won’t grow too too big.

  2. You all look wonderful. Hope the next 5weeks go as well as the rest. Mei Mei has grown so much, hope she doesn’t get too big or she’ll pull you over when you finally take her out for a walk. X

  3. Such cute pics of the pups. The more Mei Mei grows, the more I’m sure I see Lab in her. Deuce is so funny lording over the toys like that.
    Wow, 5 more weeks of Blueberry growing. Isn’t those last few weeks when mst of the growing happens? Sorry, you didn’t want to hear that. You still sure there’s just one in there? 😉

  4. Wow meimei has grown so much, its all the tlc you have given her, Deuce is as cute as ever. A good friend of mine has told me about Antler bones for dogs as alternative chews so i’m definitely going to treat my pooches to some as well.

    Take care x

    • @Lisa, My two love them. They don’t splinter and they last forever! Well, with Deuce’s teeny tiny puggy teeth his has lasted him forever. We’ll see how long it will last for Meimei who has proper teeth.

      • I’m sold on the Antler bones so I will definitely be ordering a couple for my pooches. I had previously bought some smoked stuffed bones which I only let my dogs have when I’m there but last night Trevor, my whippet managed to split his in two so that soon went in the bin much to his and Amber’s (my gsd) disgust! I had better make it up to them asap !!!! x

  5. WOW, Meimei sure has grown over the past weeks, as has Blueberry – you are sure going to have your hands full Alice!!

  6. Meimei is looking fantastic! I love the image of Deuce as a dragon, though. Very Lord of the Rings. I wonder what they’ll make of the Blueberry when she joins in the household antics?

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