Escapades and Tales

Wednesday night DH and I went to a dinner hosted by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club for Tim Luard, the author of recently published Escape from Hong Kong. The RHKYC is one of the few yacht clubs – maybe the only one? – that has a rowing division (remember the Round the Island Race DH was in? The clubhouse on Middle Island is part of the RHKYC), which is how we came to know about the dinner.

I wish I’d taken some photos of the clubhouse – quite swanky, but I guess that’s to be expected of a yacht club. We had dinner in the Gun Room (love the military reference) then moved to the Compass Room to listen to Tim Luard’s talk. Tim Luard used to be the Beijing correspondent for the BBC, and spent the last four years researching his book, including many hours logged at the British Library (B I bet you’d recognise him!). The book is about a daring Christmas day escape of more than sixty Chinese and British intelligence and marine personnel from Hong Kong, on the same day that the British surrendered Hong Kong to the Japanese. Author Luard is the son-in-law of one of the members of the escape party, and started down the path for this book when he came across his father-in-law’s diary account of the escape.

Fascinating talk with slides of maps from the 40s, including Telegraph Bay – where DH & I currently live.

I also picked up a book called Hong Kong Stories, a collection of short stories written by local authors. One of the short stories was written by Dani, a girl in the Hong Kong knitting group I’ve been popping along to. Am looking forward to getting stuck into the anthology.

Since I tend to get up at too-early-o’clock, I like to bake in the mornings. Today I made my favourite banana bread recipe (from the New York Cookbook).

So time for breakfast before heading off to Whiskers’n’Paw’s puppy adoption party – don’t worry we aren’t adopting another puppy, but taking Meimei along so she can play with other furballs her age. We took her to the park for the first time yesterday – she loved it! Will take her again today and hopefully get some vids to show you.

2 thoughts on “Escapades and Tales

  1. Seems like you are happy and settling in to your new home. I envy you your resilience! You can count on a visit from this pseudo adventurer in 2013. xxx

  2. You seriously amaze me with how quickly you get involved, settle down and make any place home! 12 years in London and I’m STILL not settled. Must all be in the attitude!

    You need a countdown ticker on your blog for blueberry arrival. Excited, moi? Hell yes!


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