Happy Hound

Meimei is coming along in leaps and bounds. She finally went onto the balcony and no longer seems frightened of it.

She’s sort of getting the hang of doing her ‘business’ outside – and she seems to really enjoy her walks now. I took her out yesterday and I didn’t have to carry her at all – she walked past the gates and guards and was okay with it all whereas just a week ago she was so frightened by them she kept trying to back away.

Today we went to the local park again – doesn’t she look happy as a clam?

Tomorrow we’ve got a trainer coming to visit to help us with a few niggling things we’d like to sort out with Deuce (being all territorial and aggressive when he’s on the lead), and Meimei (like her penchant for nibbling on toes!).

And just a random discovery at our local supermarket – I was looking for chrysathemum tea, and came across these two boxes of Mariages Freres – a high end tea not normally seen in a supermarket, and which I hadn’t seen at our local before. I guess it’s worth always checking things out – you never know what you’ll find from week to week!

8 thoughts on “Happy Hound

  1. Maybe Mei Mei is nibbling on toes because someone nibbled on hers?

    Score on the tea front! What flavours are they? My supply is very low at the moment, must make a trip over soon to stock up.


  2. I hope that isn’t American dollars 😦

    I’ve been a lurker on your blog for awhile now, and maybe I missed it somewhere, but what breed of dog is MeiMei, and how big will she get? She’s adorable, and I enjoy the videos of her. Love her smiling face at the park!

    • @JoAnn, Thank goodness no! Hong Kong dollars!

      Meimei is a mongrel – she’s a mixed breed dog but typical of Lamma Island strays. They seem to be a sort of ‘breed’ in that litters can be easily identified as her ‘type’. They have a nickname – Black Fluffies, and another variation are Black Silkies, where they don’t have the telltale fluffy ears and chest/leg fur. She’s a happy little clam recently, am so pleased she is doing so well.

      Not sure how big she will get – probably 20-30 pounds. She’s about 12 pounds now at 3.5 months. She could be a biggish dog.

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