Legs crossed and counting

Happy Year of the Dragon!

Hubby left last night on business (with a few days layover in London, the lucky sod), and my OBY is also currently on holiday too. Which means that I need to keep my legs crossed until they are both back next Monday. A 7 day count down of ‘not yet Blueberry!’. So far so good! Then after the 7 day count it’ll probably be, ‘c’mon Blueberry!’ It was a little touch and go whether we would have a bunny Blueberry or dragon Blueberry – but as of today, looks like she’ll be a little Dragon. Roar! Maybe we should name her Saphira, haha.

Feeling rather homesick again today – but I suspect it’s just that I feel a little like I’m rattling around a big empty cage. What I’d really like to do today is hop in my battered but dependable hatchback, head up to Kensington Gardens, watch the monkeys play and greet other doggies, pit stop at the Ottolenghi off Kensington Church Street and pick up a latte and a feta spinach and pine nut muffin and maybe something for dinner. Hook up with some friends later in the day and indulge in a cinnamon chocolate bar at Rococo Chocolate on King’s Road. I think I’d try to fit in a chicken shwarma from Ranoush Juice too. Hubby will have to do it on my behalf so I can enjoy vicariously. Sigh. No point moping. I have a ton of stuff on my to-do list so I better get cracking!

Last but not least, had some great news last night – a huge congrats to my cousins G & H and a big welcome to their new baby boy Nathanial!

7 thoughts on “Legs crossed and counting

  1. Aww Alice…I can feel your homesickness xx Very soon you will be so busy that the time will just fly by. We all miss you too, not that i saw you much haha, it feels like you are nearby to me, just because of the wonderful internet 🙂

  2. Happy Year of the Dragon too ! I was born in 1976 so I’m a fellow Dragon to little Blueberry (stay put little one). Have a cuddle with Deuce and Meimei, if I’m having an off day a cuddle with my pooches always sorts me out. In fact I was almost late for work this morning because my GSD Amber was in a very cuddle me mood and insisted on lots of fussing before she would perform her duties in the garden but it was worth it ! Take care x

  3. Kung Hei Fat Choi! Hang in there, Blueberry (literally!) I hope you have lots of fun with your new needles today, that your puppies give you wonderful snuggles, and that you can see fireworks from your apartment!

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