2 days to go…

Turns out DH isn’t back til Tuesday 😦 For the Blueberry Watch, still no Blueberry so that’s good news, though she is more and more insistent in her movements so I think she’s getting ready to greet the big ol’ world.

Nothing much to report – working on the Knit Love Club stuff, getting the KLC yearbook ready for print, indulging in a little retail therapy. I ordered a pair of cashmere skeins from Ravenwood in the US, and some goats milk soap (in the hope they will be nice to my complaining skin). Got them the other day, and the cashmere is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not sure what to make with them – a scarf, a shawl…400 metres of fingering weight…will have to consider carefully.

Also got a lovely surprise in the post from my friend M – the cutest I love London tin which was a perfect little tonic for homesickness! A cute little toy for the Blueberry, and lots of Green & Black’s chocolate. YUM!

I’m getting a little fed up with being preggers – the itching is making me crazy and not being able to really sleep well sucks. I spend a fair amount of time in the bathtub – seems to be the only place that soothes the itching. Things have been relatively quiet, though my mom treated me to a pregnancy massage the other day which was really quite lovely. They had a special pregnancy pillow with holes for your boobs and belly. It was surprisingly comfortable. Given my internal furnace, I found it so hot that I one point I had to prop myself up and lean over to get some air. My therapist looked positively alarmed but I assured her I was just trying to cool down. I’d definitely go back for more… but will ask for the room to be cooler and no heated eye pillow!

Yesterday we were drawn out to the big lawn between all the apartment buildings by drummers – they had a pair of lions for an acrobatic lion dance, and a big ol’ dragon to welcome the year of the dragon.

I took a couple videos of the dances – pretty impressive acrobatics for the lions!

The whole city is decorated for the New Year. The IFC mall had set up a pagoda disply.

Orange bushes are everywhere – they are supposed to bring luck.

This is in front of our apartment block.

These funky little plant things bring fertility and closeness of family (they are called “five generations living together”)

We also took the monkeys to the park on Saturday, where we met with Meimei’s brethren.  This chap is named Tarquin, another Lamma Island retriever (my name for Meimei’s breed) – he is 28 kilos!  You can see how big he is compared to Deuce.

He seemded to quite like Meimei, though you can see here Meimei is none to pleased with the attention.

Tarquin is a gentle soul, and has a gorgeous coat and bushy tail. Meimei is definitely getting glossier and growing a thicker coat. I hope her tail gets nice and bushy like Tarquin’s.  Really gorgeous dog.

Meimei did manage to make some friends she didn’t run from – Spicy the pug and Daisy the Shih-Tzu. I think because they were a little more sedate it was easier for her to get comfortable with them.

At home the two monkeys now have their new favourite places. For Meimei, it’s the corner of the sofa where she spends her nights.  She is always super pleased with herself when she clambers up there.

Deuce on the other hand has taken to sleeping in Meimei’s bed – all cozied up inside like a little hobbit.  So funny.

Lastly – a little video for Meimei’s peanut gallery: a little video I took the other morning of Meimei and Deuce relaxed and playing.

17 thoughts on “2 days to go…

  1. Oh Alice, not long now! I hope your husband gets back home in time. The itching sounds awful, hope your new soaps help a little. The photo of Deuce in Meimei’s bed is the best!

  2. i think it is so awesome that your dogs are getting social interaction with other dogs:) i hope to find something similar for my little yorkie when we get back to the states. sorry you are so itchy! i’ve had that a little. and pregnancy massages are the BEST! i’ve had 2 and i really want to have another…one way of indulging myself without feeling guilty:) and cashmere:) i have some and i just can’t seem to find that perfect project for any of it! it seems so…precious:) hehe. can’t wait to see what you come up with:)

  3. I think a perfect project for the cashmere would be something you make for me. I won’t be too fussy but I was thinking along the lines of a hat and gloves or something. Thanks. Bwahahaha!

    Love little Meimei and how she is not so tiny anymore. Seems her and Deuce are little buddies now too so that is great.

    I remember those last few weeks of pregnancy. I didn’t have the itching but the lack of sleep, overheating, then being kicked internally when I was finally able to get comfortable… then once they’re out you have times you wish there were still inside. I still have the overheating problem 5 years on.

    Hope Blueberry stays put until David gets home. And so pleased you love the tin and the chocs, etc. Next parcel will go out soon, once I finish off tiny sleeves and wash, block and weave in ends 🙂

  4. Looks like you have everything under control. Maybe the next video you post will be the little Blueberry in the flesh! YAY

  5. Hey Alice,
    Wow, cutting it close for David to be there for the birth of your baby! It is good your mom is there with you now too. I wish you all the best in the labour and delivery of your baby. I hope you have a much better experience than I did. Can’t wait to see who this little ‘blueberry’ will be!!!

  6. Oh, look at that video! Meimei is growing up gorgeous. Love the shot of Deuce as a hobbit! As someone who has itchy skin all the time – and at the risk of being a walking advertisement – these two products have been really helpful to me http://www.lush.com.hk/shop/product/product/path/136_141/id/593/shower-soaps-13-soap-%28unlucky-for-dirt%29, http://www.lush.com.hk/shop/product/product/path/143_144/id/8/bath-luxury-bath-melts-ceridwyns-cauldron Looking forward to seeing that Blueberry – but fingers crossed, she’ll wait a little bit longer!

  7. Alice, if you can find a ‘Lush’ store – I highly recommend their ‘Dream Cream’ for the itching. It has chamomile and calamine in and sooths the itch – my husband swears by it, and used it by the pot load when he was having his chemo and his hands and feet were bad.

  8. Glad to hear Blueberry hasn’t arrived yet. I hope she stay’s put until your hubby gets home. After all, if you have to go through the pain of labour, you should at least get to squeeze the shit out of his hand until he’s screaming along with you 😉
    Mmmm, cashmere. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
    The pups are too cute. It’s great to see what Meimei will grow into. Glad to see she’s making new friends and that Deuce is still managing to assert himself despite now being smaller

  9. Thank you for posting the videos of the lions and dragons, really interesting to watch.

    Tarquin is Gorgeous, love the new pics and video of your cheeky monkeys, looked as tho poor Deuce was pushed off the bed bless him x

  10. Alice! Meimei and Deuce look like they’ve settled into quite the routine! Have you done any training yet with them to get them prepared for Blueberry? I can’t remember if you’ve posted about that, but it seems like something you’d do.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that David made it before Blueberry. I don’t even want to think about Matthew not being there for that! I’m looking forward to you not being pregnant as well, I can’t wait to meet your little one!!

    Big love (and suggestions of almond milk soap, or at least bath soak) xxxx

    • @emmms, Hey honey!! LOL i suppose I could get them tapes of babies crying, but they’ll get used to it after a few days anyways. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to cuddle them as much as I’d like but then I think it’s a good thing since once blueberry comes, time will be at a premium anyway!

      David got home, blueberry still in the oven, all good. 🙂 Haha the thing is, whenever david went it would have been a gamble, so I figure why stress about it.

      Lots of love and hugs!

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