The Big Day… so far….

Here I am, sitting up in one of those adjustable hospital beds, waiting on Blueberry. Well, waiting on my cervix really to dilate already. I’ve got an IV in my left arm, an epidural catheter in my back, a blood pressure thingie on my right arm and my laptop in front of me.

The day has been interesting. Checked into hospital last night after a lovely sushi dinner. Had a run in with a Nurse Ratchet type. Having been told to go register early so I would get a private room, I duly showed up on the 27th floor labour ward reception to fill in all the paperwork (of which there was a crap ton!)

Only to be told by Nurse Ratchet that she couldn’t guarantee anything while the nice nurse told me they had my room already reserved. NR was just being a PITA. Anyways, I show up again pre dinner with my luggage, the room was ready, but Nurse Ratchet refused to let us store the stuff in the room, saying she would be breaking hospital policy and that no one could check-in before 8pm. News to me! Finally after dinner we got there at 8pm, with a whole boat load of people checking in (clearing the 8pm rule was one she made up) but the nice nurse found someone to take us to 2805, my room on the 28th floor by the nursery.

We settled in, they gave me a wrist band (the last time i had a hospital wrist band was when i was born), and showed me two other identical ones that are to go on the baby’s wrist and ankle. The room is sort of a hotel room with a hospital bed. Huge TV, a dvd, a recliner chair, a great view of the Jockey Club racecourse and Hong Kong skyscrapers. Sadly no bathtub. They gave me a tablet to soften my cervix around 11ish, and I slept on and off as the attending nurse popped in every couple hours to check the baby’s heart. Just before 5 am I started to walk around, and the contractions started in earnest just before 6.

Never having had contractions before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect them to be so bloody painful! Wow. They ended up coming thick and fast (2 min apart for 40 seconds at at time at one point). Um, they hurt. Like hell. And all I kept thinking was… crap. This is just the start?? OMG what the hell is proper labour going to be like??

You know how I was all freaked about the epidural – ultimately all about fear of needles – well by 9 am I was like GIVE ME DRUGS!!! (a decision helped by a very comforting message from Jodi a sock club member and an anaesthetist to boot) Poor DH had to deal with tears and hysteria. LOL. They arranged for me to head back down to the labour ward in a wheel chair – even that was an unpleasant journey. Got to my delivery room, and while I was squirming and shrieking they gave me some gas which was pretty cool. Made me feel light headed and drunk and took the edge off. Finally the anaesthetist arrived, got me prepped and shot me full of drugs. I shook uncontrollably for 10 minutes, shrieked some more (along the lines of ‘why isn’t it working yet???’) then finally finally the pain subsided. I also got very very sleepy which was awesome. Slept most of the morning away.

Mom and dad arrived around 9 – having held the fort at home for us. Poor Deuce was distraught last night when he couldn’t find us, and my mom ended up having to let him sleep cuddled up next to her to comfort him. They waited around, went for lunch with DH, and waited some more.

My OBY (and my dad’s doppelganger) arrived around 2pm to check me – cervix is still pretty long and baby still pretty high. Waters were broken (interesting. wet. and gross.) The next check is at 4pm. If I’m dilated to 3-4cm then my OBY thinks Blueberry will be delivered around dinner time. I certainly hope so!

In the meanwhile, I’ve got Bones Season 1 keeping me entertained as well as lots of supportive missives on FB too (thanks everyone!!). DH is sitting in the lazyboy armchair by the bed reading Vanished Kingdoms. Almost like being on holiday…. well for him at any rate.

13 thoughts on “The Big Day… so far….

  1. Thinking of you and hoping you don’t have too long to go now. It is a surprise how painful contractions are, I remember thinking that too!

  2. don’t forget after all this is over you have that wonderful cuddly bundle to take home.
    believe me that bundle of joy will make you forget all about the labor.

  3. Well done Alice, Welcome to the world baby Blueberry. So sorry it was a tough journey. I was with you in spirit last night ; we couldn’t sleep for some apparent reason and you were on my mind, I was willing baby to come today, I was even reliving Davids arrival many years ago. Many many congratulations and endless love to you all. XXXXXXX

  4. Mum and I are thinking of you and sending you ALL THE BEST for everyone involved. Good luck, and thank goodness for effective painkillers! Love aplenty, Trina

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