At 4pm I still hadn’t dilated enough – only 2-3 cm. Same at 430, then 5. My OBY came back around 530 to poke Blueberry’s head up, since she hadn’t engaged either, hoping she would settle in a better position. Because she wasn’t super happy (a little meconium came out with the waters) my OBY said if she hadn’t settled in a better position by 6 we would do a c-section. So at 6pm after determining Blueberry was in no better position, and I hadn’t dilated past 3cm, it was off to the operating theatre for me.

Of course, having planned on a natural delivery this was somewhat of a bummer. At the same time, the idea of being cut open scared the crap out of me. As I was being prepped and wheeled into the operating theatre, I was trying very hard to keep it together, but when they put me on the operating table, and then started to incline me downwards I admit I freaked a little. I got pumped up with epidural stuff, then couldn’t hear very well (everything got muffled), couldn’t really breath upside down, and I panicked. Thankfully that is when DH came in and I grabbed his hand like a lifeline. As they did their thing on the other side of the curtain, DH held my hand. I asked him to tell me a story – he looked a little like a deer caught in the headlights. But he rallied, and started to tell me about Aragon – a vanished kingdom which used to be somewhere in Spain. I can’t really remember much of the story, except that Aragon is the reason they speak Catalan in Sardinia. Anyways, Aragon kept me level and calmed me right down.

In 10 minutes, little Blueberry was out and being cleaned up. I’m not so sure she was so happy to be evicted from her comfy little nest.

She was brought over for DH to hold and we got some lovely photos of the two of them with me looking like a toad (that’s what happens when one is almost upside down!).ย  I cut me out of the photo (but you can see my hair on the bottom right of the photo above).

My parents have been total stars. Mom cooked and cleaned for us (and I’m sure it’s her cooking that contributed to Blueberry being a whopping 8lbs 12oz!), and has also taken over the dog walking duties.ย  Good thing she loves dogs cause Deuce & Meimei are just in love with her.

And here’s me with my little one.ย  Isn’t she sweet? Welcome home Blueberry, welcome home.

50 thoughts on “Inc1

  1. She’s beautiful! Welcome to the world, Blueberry! And that is the cutest title – Inc1 – for the special event.

  2. Congratulations! I’m so happy everyone is healthy and safe. Lots of love to you all. Welcome to parenthood! It’s the hardest and most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.

  3. Welcome, beautiful little Blueberry, and congratulations on a job well done, Mama and Papa! sending lots of love and best wishes to you all! ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Nick says the coding term for this is: Cotton-Yu++. ๐Ÿ™‚

    She is absolutely gorgeous, and I am close to tears reading this. Congratulations to you and David. You both did brilliantly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. So glad it all went well and welcome to the c-section club (both mine were). Take it easy now and enjoy being pampered. Love and hugs xxxx hj

  6. Swooooon! I am in love and just about want another baby now! I love all the photos but especially love the last one where you are cuddled up with her. Adorable. I still can’t believe you’re now a Mommy. Very cool though! And David the proud Daddy. I just so wish you still lived here so I could see her in person and have some baby cuddles. Gosh… and I’m not even a baby person, lol! Can’t wait to see more pics of her and read more about her as you get to know her ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations again to all of you. Miss you loads xx

  7. Congratulations! I have had one baby vaginally and one by emergency cesarean. There are pluses and minuses both ways. Of course, the important thing is she is here safe and sound and you are both well! She is gorgeous. Welcome Blueberry!

  8. oh Alice, she is beautiful and I am sat here crying whilst reading your blog !!

    Congratulations to you both and to the proud Grandparents and a big welcome to the world Blueberry!!!!

    Oh and what a fantastic weight !!!

    Hugs to all

  9. Gorgeous pics. Gorgeous girl! Congratulations to you and David. Like Marja said, wish you guys were here so i could meet the little one.
    Seeing her, just makes want to have another one (almost!). I love babies at the newborn stage.
    Sending you guys a great big hug!

  10. Many congratulations to you both, and to the new grandparents! What a beautiful little girl you have. I know she’ll soon be wrapped in the softest of hand knits.

  11. Congratulations! She is adorable and at the end of the day how she arrived scarcely matters compared to the fact that she’s here safe and sound. Enjoy your babymoon!

  12. Oh Alice, I’m filling up here! So, so happy for you both. Congrats to you all. Now we need to see little Blueberry cuddled up in handknits! You need to start her woolly education off straight away! xxx

  13. Congratulations to you both. Life will never be the same. Get as much sleep as you can in the hospital. Take all the offers of help you get (to do the boring stuff) so you can enjoy as much time with the wee one as possible. Hope Deuce and Mei Mei are looking forward to meeting their new sister! Xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Carl said I wasn’t allowed to post that it makes me feel like having another one!

  14. Congratulations to you and David and to the proud grandparents. Blueberry is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing more pictures of her. Enjoy being a family together ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  15. Oh congratulations! What a special day for you… I’m glad both you and Blueberry are doing well… ๐Ÿ™‚
    And what a perfect title to the post… so cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Lovely, lovely, lovely! David looks so happy and proud.

    I hope you recover quickly from the c-section. I know it’s not what you planned but the main thing is that you are both healthy and safe ๐Ÿ™‚ She really is a beautiful little girl!

    Awww you’ve made me very broody so it’s just as well that Jack will be arriving in a couple of months!!

    Best of luck sweetie, you have lots and lots of good times ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Happy Birthday Blueberry!!
    Congrats David and Alice!!
    and to your parents I must admit I am a little jealous I have a daughter named Alice too, but no grandkids yet. So although I am a little jealous I want to live vicariously through you– so for all of us spoil that little Blueberry have fun being gramma and gramppa!

  18. Congratulations, Cousin… now Jenny, Howard, Jansen and yourself are part of an exclusive club.. Hopefully we will all get together soon in the future

    Umm… Blueberry is not her real name ?

    Arthur Lau

  19. Fabulous news Alice. The most important thing is that you and Blueberry are fine. Enjoy those first snuggles and get all the rest and sleep you can.

  20. Well done and congratulations! I had a c-section too after wanting a natural delivery so much and trying for so long in labour. You did what you could and the most important thing is that you and little blueberry are well. Rest up mama and get as much sleep as you can over the next few days because its going to be one heck of a ride ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Beautiful beautiful Blueberry. Glad she’s here safe and sound, bless her. Wonderful photos, and bless you two for sharing. Cuddles sent all the way from New Zealand.

  22. Congratulations Alice on your little Blueberry. She’s beautiful!
    Congratulations are also in order for DH and your parents!
    Rest, rest, rest!

  23. Congratulations, Alice, to you and your DH, and your brand new addition! A princess is born, with a plethora of Fairy Godmothers ….. and as such I wish her a life full of happiness, where all her good dreams come true! Enjoy! xx

  24. Many many congratulations to you all, especially you Alice, well done and a great big welcome to little Blueberry, adorable photos xx

  25. Congratulations! Had a c-section too after having planned a home water birth. Make sure you get plenty of rest and lots of tlc!

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