Sometimes nothing beats a nice hot shower

I am so touched by all the comments, emails, FB posts, and tweets from everyone welcoming little Blueberry into the world.  So many people have said they teared up, and many have been just as anxious as my mom awaiting her arrival!  We got a beautiful bouquet from family friends here in Hong Kong which arrived as Blueberry was making her debut, and today a lovely bouquet from DH’s work was delivered (that’s the Jockey Club racecourse in the background).

My mom and dad have been ferrying stuff back and forth between the flat and the hospital, including this gem from my cousin J.  I so could have used it last night but now am prepared! Yay!

Mom has been taking Meimei and Deuce on their three times daily visit to the park – where Meimei has been growing in confidence day by day. She will actually go up to a new dog and greet him, though she still runs away once she’s done this, she’ll come back after a bit.  It’s really nice to hear. Apparently she has taken to herding Deuce as well since Deuce tends to hang back alot – she will run back to him and bark at him as if to say ‘hurry up’ then they’ll both run back to my mom.  So sweet!  I feel so relieved and pleased that Deuce has a friend in Meimei and that they are little compadres.

They have pretty tight security here – I mentioned before the matching wrist bands, but baby and mom also have matching security tags – mine is on my wrist and Blueberry has a matching but smaller version around her ankle.

If she is taken off the 28th floor the security tags will sound the alarm, and I presume the same would happen if I were to leave the 28th floor.  Good to know as I had been thinking about heading out to pick up some lunch or just got for a wander.  That would be rather embarrassing if I strolled out of the hospital and had to be hauled back by security!

I found out today I’ll be discharged on Wednesday and that I won’t have any stitches anymore then. Whether that means they are taken out or that they are in the process of dissolving, I don’t know.  I kind of prefer not to know as it means I can pretend it away (you probably gathered hospitally needly scalpelly things aren’t my forte).

Staying at the hospital has been really relaxing (after the drama/trauma of delivery) – my mom and dad taking the burden of literally everything else, and leaving me and DH to get used to having the wee one and learning her rhythms and preferences.  DH has been staying here with me on the sofa bed in the room, which has meant some quality time together bonding as a family.

He’s reading to her in the photo above – from Max Hasting’s “Finest Years: Churchill as Warlord”.  You can see it has put her right to sleep. Haha.

The pediatrician is pleased with her progress – apparently she hasn’t lost any of her birth weight which is usually what happens when babies are born. She’s stayed the same. All her blood tests are good, she’s had her vaccinations and whatever other testing there is to be done.  Her pediatrician comes every day to check her, which is awesome since I’m completely clueless and they are just getting on with it and have a file with all her records.  My OBY has been in to check on me too and it seems I’m doing fine too. I was up and about on Sunday after having the IV and catheter taken out. I really hated the IV.  I went off the major painkillers (the 12 hour ones) last night since I didn’t feel I needed them anymore, and now on ones I can take four times a day – but today have only had 3 doses. The discomfort is bearable – and is just that, mostly discomfort.

Today my mom and I compared notes on c-sections – she had me by c-section too, and I have to say her story is one of the main reasons I had been so freaked about having one.  She had a horrible experience, under general anesthetic with mean nurses.  She was in and out of consciousness for 3 days, and kept panicking because every time she asked to see me, she’d pass out. She’d wake up again having not seen me and started to think there was something wrong with her baby.  She was amazed I could get up and walk around the day after – it took her a week just to get on her feet again.  What a difference advances in medicine can make.  And the nurses here are super sweet – maybe a little too kid glove – they won’t let me change Blueberry’s diaper – even if I say ‘oh I’ll do it’ they say yes, then they’ll insist on carrying her to the change table and then proceed to change the diaper themselves! If I walk out my room to the nursery room, much to my bemusement they insist on ‘assisting’ me in walking the three steps from my door to the nursery door hovering around me just in case I slip and fall.

I was desperate to take a shower today, so my c-section bandage got covered in a waterproof band-aid (aka plaster) like thing and I was able to shower to my heart’s content.  It was bliss I tell you, sheer bliss, being under the hot water and being able to wash my hair! Man I felt nasty.  I washed it twice, and was going to go for a third time but thought I better not waste all my shampoo on one shower.  LOL.  Thanks J – it was heaven in a bottle. 😀

DH asked me how I felt now, with baby out, compared to having baby in and being itchy and cranky all the time.  I really did not enjoy being pregnant, and hated the itching. Really hated it – it was like torture; relentless, frustrating, never ending… and labour was awful until I had the epidural then it was an afternoon of watching Bones and sleeping.  After the first debilitating contractions which had me literally begging to not have to have a baby, and then whimpering for the hard drugs, my contractions weren’t regular enough so they had to dose me up with pitocin.  The c-section in retrospect was a very quick, efficient and undramatic affair. 10 minutes for baby to come out, then maybe another 20 minutes for stitches and a little time for recovery and back to my room awake and relatively perky.

I don’t mind the waking every few hours – since I’d been waking every hour in the last month or so due to itching and sitting up for 15 minutes at a time nearly in tears at a loss of what to do for comfort, being able to sleep in stretches of 3-4 hours is a treat.  And while I’m a terrible patient and no good at going with the flow when it comes to forced changes to my body, I find that I really enjoy being a mom. It feels intuitive. It helps though that she seems to be a very calm baby.

And I love the cuddles. Totally heart melting.

Now if DH and I could just settle on a name……

29 thoughts on “Sometimes nothing beats a nice hot shower

  1. I really want a cuddle! I’m not surprised that she is a calm baby as both you and David are super sweet, tolerant and calm natured too! I think you should just put your hands up and say…everyone’s going to call her Blueberry anyway, so we may as well just stick with that. Or, you could think of Victoria which would combine the fact that she was born in HK (aka Victoria Harbour) and there are also links to the UK with that name too! I could go on for ages with different names (but I secretly will always know her as Little Miss Blueberry!) x

  2. Happy to hear that everyone is doing well. Especially glad that your itching has stopped. That shower must have felt like heaven. Don’t worry about the stitches, either. I wish I could give you a big hug and kiss some tiny baby feet. Love to David. xxx

  3. Hey Alice,
    Good to hear you’re recovering well and that baby is doing well too.
    That’s great they’re letting you stay until Wed.
    While it might seem like a long time, it will be nice to have the extra help.
    I was out of the hospital by 48 hrs after my csection and breast feeding wasn’t
    Really going the greatest, because Nathaniel didn’t want or know how to
    suck. I was not impressed. Enjoy your snuggles with blueberry… doe she have
    an English name yet?

  4. Thank you for these wonderful updates…you are doing so well!! Blueberry is just perfect! Remember though, you must rest and rest and rest even if you feel like doing stuff!!! Take it easy and enjoy not being itchy 🙂

  5. So pleased to hear you’re settling in nicely and that Berry is a calm little girl. I found motherhood is all very intuitive which is a good thing as I don’t do well with reading books and listening to people telling me how to do things! As for the stitches.. not sure how they did yours but mine was a bead on each end with the string doing the stitching. When it was time to remove, they snipped the bead off one end and pulled the thread out. It took about 5 seconds at most, painless and then they put a steri-strip on me which was pretty much surgical tape mostly to reassure me that the incision wasn’t going to bust open. It was always fine (both times). My Mom had a similar experience to your Mom. She has a c-section under general, didn’t get to meet me for a while and missed out on the entire thing. Both mine went smoothly. I was awake for both, recovered quickly and I loved how fast and easy it all was 🙂 I don’t like laboring over much lol 😉

    Enjoy the time in the hospital. Glad David has found a way to put her to sleep easily and I hope you agree on a name soon. I’d say that as you had to deal with being pregnant and uncomfortable, you should get the choice 😉

  6. Do you mean to say that you aren’t going to call her Blueberry ~shocked~

    Much love to you all Alice, and many congratulations, you have a beautiful daughter 🙂

  7. She is so cute. They will probably take out the stitches (the dissolving kind don’t work that fast). Having them removed is not painful (I just went through stitch removal a couple of weeks ago). And I know how you feel about that shower. Hospitals in Hong Kong must be calmer than the US (I never got any sleep in hospital as people kept waking me up all the time to take temperature, blood, blood pressure, etc.). Sounds like everyone is doing well (2 legged and 4 legged) and Miss Blueberry is so cute. I just watched the Downton Christmas episode and was inspired by names — what about Daisy or Isobel (she could be Izzy).

  8. PS — I also had one of those GPS monitors in the hospital (from pre-op through recovery). I’m convinced it was to keep me from doing a runner before they operated.

  9. If you have a couple of names you like – just try them out in the hospital – see which one suits her – I always had names for my boys but never for the girls so they went by baby girl for a few days . relax and enjoy cause the hard work starts when you get home – Congratulations again to both you and your husband.

  10. Ah, that first post c-section shower…I remember it well! Just blissful!

    I was checking my blog feed every few minutes in case you’d posted – I am loving the Blueberry updates. She’s unbelievably cute.

    As for the stitches, I agree with Marja that there’s very little to it. I suffered more from the anticipation than the actual event, which was over in seconds with me asking, “Was that it?”!

    I also agree with Marianne, rest, rest, rest and more rest! And yay for going home on Wednesday -your experience in hospital sounds a little better than the dear old NHS, but I bet you’ll feel more relaxed at home.

    Wish I could come and visit…and looking forward to finding out what name you choose. I was up at my sister’s over the weekend and she was following your progress wwith me – I had to promise to let her know the name too!

  11. I can just imagine how blissful that shower must have been. You need to enjoy being looked after by everyone, and get as much rest as you can. I wonder what little Blueberry will be called?! Suddenly you’ll just both agree on a name and it will be the perfect one for her!

  12. Mum and I are crying with relief and joy that everything has turned out so well and that Blueberry is finally here. Good luck with choosing an appropriate name! All our love, Trina (and Mary too)

  13. That makes me almost (key word almost) want a baby….but I’ll settle for spoiling my neices and friends and giving out hand made love 🙂

  14. congratulations again! she really is a cutie! 🙂 sounds like you are doing great which is awesome 🙂 i’m trying to calm myself down from being so nervous about “the actual event of labor”. also glad to see someone else finally say something along the lines of not thinking that actually being pregnant was so wonderful, comfort wise:) of course, all the movements you get to feel are really cool and always make me smile or laugh! 🙂 congrats to you both again and can’t wait to see what name you both pick:)

  15. Hope all is going well for you and Blueberry and you will be on your way back home as planned. Had a surreal time with a friend this afternoon; she gave me a Blueberry cake with our tea and she wasn’t aware of your pet name until I told her.
    We actually thought you might like to call her that; is there a chinese word for blueberry?
    Keep well .Love and kisses to you all XXXX.( Extra ones for Blueberry) XXXXX

  16. Probably I’m the first one to say she’s totally gorgeous. Haha. The advances in surgery are amazing as I learned after having my first surgery after 40 years. Glad you’re recovering and having a bit of down time.

  17. oooh, we were away for the weekend and i just got the news that little blueberry is here, yay!! i’m so glad everything is going well now; can’t wait to hear more

    congratulations to the whole family!

  18. Awww, so sorry I missed the arrival of the cute little one. She is soooo beautiful. You are and will be tired -read “exhausted”- beyond anything you could have imagined BUT enjoy each and every moment, they are precious.

  19. I totally understand your craving for a shower – feeling it right now as by the time I get home it’ll be 48h since my last one. Yuck! I just had to endure the figurative pain of travelling though, whereas you had the literal pain of labour. So you win 😉

    Sounds hairy, and I must admit I’ve been leary of C-sections too. Though I’ve mostly heard of emergency ones which are probably a lot worse. Glad to hear you are up and about and feeling quite good. Looking forward to seeing what name you settle on. In the mean time, I hope you’re getting enough sleep to be able to enjoy the start of all the firsts you have in store for you.

  20. Congratulations! She’s gorgeous 🙂 I know what you mean about a shower feeling so good – I hated it when I broke my leg and couldn’t have a shower for a few weeks. Disgusting! LOL!

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