What’s in a name? A helluva lot of negotiation!

It took DH and me a rather long time to settle on a name we both liked. Much discussion and negotiation was called for, as we were pretty much on opposite ends of the naming spectrum, DH leaning towards turn of the century English names (very Downton Abbey) while my tastes run a little more exotic. I loved the name Ziva, but once Blueberry was born, my forerunner names just didn’t seem to suit her. David’s choices didn’t suit either (he really really liked Caroline, but I just couldn’t imagine my daughter as a Caroline). So we spent a few intense days trying to agree a name. Funnily enough, we both spent 5 minutes really liking Dakota (which is totally out to left field in DH’s choices), but ultimately opted against it, as I’m not a fan of naming a kid after actors and the English meaning of the native word is weird (it’s a plural).  Mireille and Avenie were favourites but apparently Mireille is a bit of a grandma name in France (our friend R said that whenever he introduced his friend Mireille, people always asked her what did she do to upset her parents at her birth for them to give her that name), and we couldn’t agree how to pronounce Avenie.

Well, we finally settled on a name, but wanted to test it for a week before making it official, just in case we changed our minds. Test period is up, so let me introduce you to our daughter Amandine Isobelle Cotton-Yu.  Amandine is pronounced long a as in ahhh, mun, long e as in deen, with the accent on the deen.

The past week and a half out of the hospital has been a blur – my parents left on Wednesday and DH and I have been learning the rhythms of our new household and working out how to manage our appointments with Amandine.  The first one was yesterday when I had to go back to the hospital to get my c-section bandage taken off.  DH stayed at home with the wee ones.   I was amazed that 1) there were no stitches at all (I still don’t know if they dissolved or I never had any to begin with – I certainly didn’t see any when I was discharged from the hospital) and 2) the scar is really faint already.

Amandine has been an angel – she sleeps solidly after a feed, and doesn’t fuss much – which does make it alot easier for us to run errands.  The pups love her – well, Meimei loves her and always comes to say hello and give her a little sniff and a kiss when I’m feeding Amandine, while Deuce just tries to squoosh up next to Amandine whenever he can.

We take Amandine out most days, for a walk down to Cyberport (where I get a bubble tea). Next Monday we’ll probably head into town as DH has to do a medical for insurance and we need to pick up a baby gate and some bottles for Amandine so DH can feed her too.

I was really sad to see my folks go – my mom was a huge help during my last uncomfortable weeks pregnant and once Amandine was born, and of course, they were great company.  It feels quite empty in the flat without them, and I know Meimei is also missing my mom as she’s a little quieter than normal (she’s currently lounging on the sofa next to DH).  DH though has the next week off which will be great as I was really dreading having to work out how to manage Amandine’s schedule, myself, and the two pups on my own.  Before my folks left we all went for a heavenly brunch  at the Verandah in Repulse Bay – I had lots of runny cheese and foie gras. Yumm! Amandine did what she does best at the moment – she slept the whole time in the corner (her car seat folds down flat so she can sleep). Good girl knew to let her mama pig out undisturbed!




27 thoughts on “What’s in a name? A helluva lot of negotiation!

  1. Well done you guys!!! Amandine is absolutely adorable, you did a brilliant job. My daughter didn’t get her name until she was nearly six months, so I think you were pretty efficient!

  2. As a Caroline it is cool to know it was a name you were considering but I must admit I have never been over keen on it 🙂

    Amandine is beautiful and you are looking really well. Enjoy being a family xx

  3. Gah – I really wish our stopover in HK en route to KL was overnight rather than a mere hour. I would love to meet (and cuddle) this beautiful baby!

    You’re looking great and healthy! Am glad you’re adjusting to having three babies. 🙂

  4. Ah, she’s lovely, and what a lovely name! Our negotiations were extremely challenging also – in our case mostly because the name had to work in both German and English. And also a little bit of the conservative vs exotic debate. I dearly love the name we settled on (Claudia), but gods help us if we ever have a second girl!

  5. Ooh I loved Avenie and would’ve said AhVehnee. I quite like Caroline personally but only if it’s said as the full name. My biggest naming issues were always what the shortened version would end up being. Like with Charlie, Kirk liked Marcus which was fine by me unless someone called him Marc for short. Strongly dislike the name Marc/Mark. Anyway, I think Amandine is pretty so I’m glad you both agreed on it!

    You’ll find it super easy to balance everything especially if you have an easy baby who’s happy and naps well/anywhere. Noemie never slept in her buggy so I always had to get her home into her cot for her naps which was a bit of a hassle but at least she was super routine with her naptimes so I could plan easily. You’ll just find that you’ll care less about many things that you might not get done each day. The things that used to matter will seem far less important as time goes on. At least that’s what happened with me. It made me chill out a lot once I accepted I couldn’t get it all done according to MY plans and that I had to just go with the flow. Sucked at first but once I gave in, life was good.

  6. It’s a pretty name. Glad to hear it’s going well. You probably had your wound glued rather than stitches or clips or one continuo dissolving stitch. Glue sounds most likely though.

  7. I really love the names you chose. I admit , living in North Dakota, I was at first rooting for Dakota. Enjoyed the blog.

  8. As another Caroline I have to commend your DH for a great name suggestion (I’ve always liked it and I love that it means ‘rejoice in song’) but Amandine is just beautiful. ‘She who must be loved’ – sounds like a perfect fit to me, she’s such a little cutie pie. Felicity just saw her picture on the screen and started blowing her kisses!

    • @Carie, LOL you and my hubby must be on the same wavelength and share a love of elegant names. Felicity was one that was on his top 10 list too.

  9. Beautiful name, beautiful girl, beautiful family. For some reason, I thought her name would be Charlotte. Can’t say why, it was just stuck in my head, but Amandine seems perfect & I can’t imagine her as anything else. xxx

  10. Love the name – Amandine is unusual without being wacky – good job! And one of my nieces is called Isabelle, so glad the little one has a variation of it. Glad David has another week off as you get used to having her around. Your hair looks fab – I hope you avoid the hormone-induced fall-out, I always thought that was such cruel timing. I dyed my hair an ill advised dark brown as well for some reason after A was born, horrible! A and R send their love too btw.

    • @Tricia, I desperately need a haircut but am so bad at getting myself to a hairdresser. Maybe if it was combined with a massage and pedicure….. teehee

  11. Love the name, she looks adorable and you are looking really well too!! So glad the dogs are accepting her.

  12. What a lovely name! We were talking about you at knit night and hoping was going well for you – which it sounds like it is! Good girl Amandine! You keep sleeping so your mum can too 🙂

  13. Excellent name choice guys. Beautifully phonetic for her to learn to spell when she starts school! 😉 as others have said subtly different without being whacky. Sending lots of love xxx

  14. That’s a lovely name, and looks like it will suit her well.
    She’s beautiful, and you all look like such a happy family, but my favourite photo has to be the one with Deuce. He looks like he’s in love. Either that or he thinks she’s a new cuddle toy 🙂

  15. I love the name. I think its beautiful….but do you still call her your little blueberry as a pet name? I think that was adorable…. 🙂

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