One month!

Our little one is now a whole month old. The days run into each other, from one feeding and nappy change to another it’s hard to distinguish between them. But what we do mark are her little changes – from smiling in her sleep to laughing in her sleep. She’s started to smile when we talk to her, and we’re looking forward to when she’ll be laughing when she’s awake too.

Amandine & I went for a walk up to the Peak on Thursday with our neighbour M – it took us an hour to walk up but less than 30 minutes to walk down. My legs are stiff and I’m walking funny (waddling, like my pregnant days) but it was so worth it. A misty morning, perfect for a stroll through Pokfulam Park breathing in the green of the trees (incense trees and hawthorn) with a Starbucks at the top for a little rest and a drink. It’s a great route to do with the dogs so DH and I are going to give it a go before the snakes come out of hibernation.

My days are now split into little bites of 3 hours. It’s an adjustment but little Amandine so far is playing nice. She’s sleeping through the nights now which is awesome and we’re enjoying it for however long it may last. She’s awake a little more – and sharing her toys already with the furry monkeys. Both Deuce and Meimei love her jungle gym. Meimei likes to lie on it and play with the dangling animals, and Deuce likes to chew on the leaves on the mat which make crinkly noises.

14 thoughts on “One month!

  1. Wow, one month already. That flew!
    Some babies do start sleeping through the night early on and then continue to do so. Hope she’s one of them šŸ™‚
    Love the pic. And I can picture the fur babies playing with the jungle gym. Too cute

  2. I can’t believe Amandine is one month old already! Mei Mei looks huge in the photo!!! Glad you are managing to get some rest – sleeping through the nights sounds pretty amazing!!

  3. I was just wondering how you were this morning! Amandine’s still a cutie – of course -those chubby little baby legs! And Mei Mei looks all grown up. Sleeping through the night is awesome – getting a bit more sleep must make a world of difference to how you feel.

  4. She is just so precious! Glad you are having a wonderful time with her. I already miss when my little guy was that tiny, but it’s so amazing to what them learn and grow!

  5. What a sweetheart she is. I remember those days well – grabbing time to get things done as and when you can, and often wishing you could just stop and sleep, or knit, instead! Precious days … enjoy them x

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