9 weeks and a lifetime

People always say “they grow up so fast”. Time seems to expand and rush by at the same time when you can literally see your baby growing right before your very eyes. I can’t quite believe it was only 9 weeks ago that little Amandine took her first breath, and yet it feels like a lifetime ago!

She’s gone from a wee sleepy bundle

to a funny little thing who coos and laughs with us.

She weighed in at 5.9 kg at her doctor’s appointment yesterday. She’s growing well and was very brave when she had her two vaccination shots. Poor lamb cried but give the gal a diaper change and all was right with the world again. Enough to even coo and smile at the doctor!  This past week she’s also dropped her night feedings altogether (woohoooo!) – moving from a 4am wake up call last week to wakings around 730/8 am where she talks to herself or looks at the stuff around her crib for a little bit. Hubby was away on business for half the week – I think the little Almond knew her papa was away and so gave her mama a break and slept in to almost 9am on Wed Thur and Fri! I’m going to have to remember how grateful I am and give her a little slack when she’s 15 and pitching a teen fit.

New this week:
-discovering that Amandine’s circadian rhythm dictates a 10pm bedtime. She’d been regularly falling asleep and staying asleep around 10pm for a couple weeks, but it took us a few beats to realise this was her bedtime.   We put her in her crib, she watches her lamaze black and white crib hanging and zones out.  Asleep within 15 minutes.
-morning naps about an hour or two after her breakast for 3 or 4 hours
-dropping her night feeds, sleeping through the night from 10 to 8
-starting to have playtime and discovering that she can touch things and make them move
-establishing an evening ritual – bath time, feed, then good nights from her cow, and Mr. Bear, Raccoon, and Birdie from the crib hanging, and then Deucie, Meimei, Papa and me.
-morning rituals – opening the curtains so she can look at her cow, bear, racoon and bird. Then good mornings from the whole crew again. She gives me a big grin when we do this. So sweet!
-going out and about in her ergobaby performance carrier. Love this thing. So much less hassle than the wraps – and with coolmax and breathable mesh hopefully much cooler in the heat too.

Ongoing Efforts
-figuring out her afternoon rhythms – still all kind of haphazard. Usually a couple meals interspersed with playtime and shorter random naps. No patterns emerging yet
-trying to convince her that papa loves her poopy diapers and that she should always save her poops for when he does the nappy change. Not sure how well this is working, though telling her how much papa loves poopy nappies always gets a smile from her.

Amandine got some lovely surprises in the post – a HUGE box of Dr Brown’s bottles and accoutrements including orthodontic soothers, a bottle rack and a very cool bottle cleaner – all awesomesauce from Amandine’s super cool Auntie Jenny (a classical pianist, marathon runner, DIY expert and detonation physicist). Totally on a tangent but you know my obssession enjoyment of the TV show Bones? I’m dying for the next season to be released on DVD/start on FOX Asia so I can watch it. Anyways, they had an episode where Bones and Booth go on the vomit comet and go weightless with an astronaut they are interviewing. I literally was jumping around going – my cousin has been on the vomit comet! My COUSIN was ON the vomit comet! a la Buddy in Elf when he shouts ‘Santa! Oh, my, god! Santa, here? I know him. I KNOW him!” when they announce Santa is coming to the toy department. A fan girl moment. 😉

Auntie Carole sent a gorgeous knitted top, a tea set and the cutest monkey sleepers (so cute!). Auntie Tricia sent a knitted jacket which is perfect for the current weather (esp the hood when it starts to spit), and owl pjs.  Amandine also received a knitted blanket from Auntie Anne which is totally gorgeous. She is such a lucky girl.  I’m pretty darn lucky too – there was chocolate for me from Tricia (which was all gobbled up!) and yarn from Carole, neither of which I intend to share with anyone. 😉   And a gorgeous Les Abeilles shawlette from Anne & Cookie in Anne Hanson’s new Bare Naked Alpaca & Merino yarn from the march offering of her Bare Naked Club.  Anne’s Fall in Full Colour club is opening again for sign ups soon. I was a member of the 2011 club and totally loved it.

I originally thought it was for Amandine (sort of blanket/shawl) and was, I hate to admit it, kind of jealous! The shawl is so so very soft – I thought the yarn might have cashmere in it as it was so soft – but it is actually 50% merino, 10% nylon and 40% alpaca (I think).  Anne has a hit on her hands with this beautiful yarn. I’m definitely getting some to make a cardi.  When Cookie told me it was for me I am ashamed to say I was absolutely 100% gleeful that it wasn’t for Amandine! I will, however, share with her as it’s a perfect little cover up for her when it is a bit chilly.  Funny how much more generous I feel about sharing knowing it’s mine.  ;P