You’ll probably have noticed that the blog has a new look. I figured since I have a new home and a new life, that my old blog should have one too. There is a new title, which is also very apt.  So many changes in the last two years and there are yet more to come.  Life (a move halfway across the world) and love (an adorable daughter) got in the way of my plans, as life and love are wont to do and I’ve adjusted as best I can.

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that I’m winding things up for Socktopus. It’s been an incredible journey and adventure, one I would never have had the honour of experiencing if not for your support. Thank you.

I have a few loose ends to tie up, and I still have a cabinet full of yarn and WIPs so knitting will stay in my life, as will Socktopus in a non-commercial form. It will simply have a smaller pie piece of my life.

With regard to my designs, alot of people have been asking where they can buy them. I have found a good home for all my patterns.  I don’t have the time to look after them, but don’t want them to languish away in a forgotten corner of my hard drive either. Happily, p/hop has offered to curate all my patterns with proceeds going towards Medicins Sans Frontier.

I couldn’t be happier. Knitters will still be able to knit my designs and combined we will be contributing to an organisation that does vital work.  I need to get all my files over to p/hop first, and then p/hop needs to edit them into the p/hop house style but it shouldn’t be too long before my patterns are back in the world again. Yay!