Well, this week has been full of excitement! On Monday Loopy Ewe put up Sokkusu Original in her update – 3 of the 20 colours have sold out (2 are my favourite Siffie & Lorelai) – you can see the yarn here. Fly Eye and Wooing Ruby were really hard to photograph – so they don’t look quite true on the Loopy site.  Fly Eye looks solid on the Loopy site, but it has subtle varigation. And Wooing Ruby is bright deep red!

The other thing is that a friend sent me a link to a book on Amazon – my book! Socktopus is available for pre-order on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com, though the US and UK editions have different covers.

This is the UK edition, with my Shur’tugals on the front.

And I think this is the US version (not sure if it is official or not)

I’m hoping not because I need them to change the title.  The book isn’t a guide to designing socks, in fact I’m not even sure where they got that idea.  The US editorial review description and author description are also factually incorrect…so take it with a pinch of salt until I can get it amended.  BUT despite the tiny niggles, it’s my book it’s my book it’s my book! So exciting!  I sent off a pile of amends to my editor Judith last night – the last lot of amends.  It’s finally happening…. haha this week is all about fruits of labour! 🙂