You’ll probably have noticed that the blog has a new look. I figured since I have a new home and a new life, that my old blog should have one too. There is a new title, which is also very apt.  So many changes in the last two years and there are yet more to come.  Life (a move halfway across the world) and love (an adorable daughter) got in the way of my plans, as life and love are wont to do and I’ve adjusted as best I can.

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that I’m winding things up for Socktopus. It’s been an incredible journey and adventure, one I would never have had the honour of experiencing if not for your support. Thank you.

I have a few loose ends to tie up, and I still have a cabinet full of yarn and WIPs so knitting will stay in my life, as will Socktopus in a non-commercial form. It will simply have a smaller pie piece of my life.

With regard to my designs, alot of people have been asking where they can buy them. I have found a good home for all my patterns.  I don’t have the time to look after them, but don’t want them to languish away in a forgotten corner of my hard drive either. Happily, p/hop has offered to curate all my patterns with proceeds going towards Medicins Sans Frontier.

I couldn’t be happier. Knitters will still be able to knit my designs and combined we will be contributing to an organisation that does vital work.  I need to get all my files over to p/hop first, and then p/hop needs to edit them into the p/hop house style but it shouldn’t be too long before my patterns are back in the world again. Yay!

Lost in translation…

Some things are lost in translation…While wandering around Canmore, we found some eyebrow raising products.

Like this potato peeler. One way it says ‘Victory’ or ‘Peace’

The other way, well it says something altogether different.

Tastes also change from one place to another. These look familiar? Look closer. ‘Coke and lemon’ flavour. Hmmm.

Check this out. It really does say what you think it says. Cheese kit kats. Is there chocolate still on it, I wonder?

Thankfully our afternoon into the novel and exotic ended with my new favourite root beer ever- 1/3 the sugar of normal pop – it’s as tasty as they come without the toothache! Great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Posh Company

DH and I are off to Turkey for a week. Really looking forward to the break – am in two minds as to whether to bring the laptop… and think will probably succumb. Have two posts to write for Knit Nation next week, and will need my laptop!

Spent the day today with Veronica from Dream in Color Yarns.  Really fun hanging out with her and chatting. She gave me some really useful guidance on growing orchids – am looking forward to getting into them when I get back. They don’t need too much sun or too much water so do well with a little benign neglect. Ran around today getting some last minute stuff for our hols – swimsuits, painted toes, some summer clothes, and taking Deuce to the vet for a quick check up (he had some problems with his eye earlier this week).  All fine now, and we dropped him off with his walker.  Turns out he is keeping some posh company this weekend. His fellow boarder is Prince & Princess Michael of Kent’s black lab Shadow.  Goodness. First a Lady ‘governess’ and now a princeling co-boarder.  Sigh. It’s a pug’s life.

Will try to blog a bit while I’m away.  Might be too tiring lazing around by the pool!

Sweet like Honey

Saturday night was a double night out – first up was Alicja’s birthday party. Can’t believe she arrived here 3 years ago, a little bit lost and now pretty much has the town at her feet!  Her party was at Anam, a bar up in Islington. I got there late, as was busy finishing up her birthday present!

They’re cashmere fingerless gloves – the pattern is super light, but kind of neat looking. Like a pale wallpaper.  I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough of the other pink I had, so I used the paler pink as I had 2 balls of it. Turns out I needn’t have worried – the pair took about 20grams of the contrast colour and 25 grams of the main colour. The pattern is Endpaper Mitts from Eunny Jang. Lovely knit and easily memorised.  I liked them so much I’ve started myself another pair in the darker pink. I have 25 grams of it so will be fine. Yes that is Conde Nast’s beach issue.  Given the dreary sky I needed some sun and surf to cheer me up, while working on cashmere.

The second half of Saturday night was picking up David, Carl, Simon, Andrew and Cath under a bridge in the City.  Literally.  We were supposed to meet at a curry place in Smithfields, me joining them from Alicja’s party.  Unfortunately the first rendez-vous point was closed, and the second place they tried was closed too. We were tag team racing a bit since I was in our car driving south and they were in a taxi trying to figure out where to go, but on the same street a few miles apart.  They finally got out of the cab under Holborn Viaduct and a few minutes later I was pulled up and the four boys (two at 6 feet and two at 6’4”) and Cath piled into the car.  Bit of a squeeze!  We found a place on the Cut that was open and served curry! Yay. It was pretty funny – a lamb madras curry showed up but the waiter didn’t know what it was – so he just said ‘lamb curry’.  Since a couple of us had ordered lamb curry, we asked – which one? He kept saying ‘lamb curry’.  By deduction we figured out who belonged to it.  The same waiter, at the end of the night when we were paying our bill, told us ‘I love money. It is sweet like honey’.  Ooookay.

Cath and Simon stayed the night, and we had a nice walk up the kings road then we made them lunch. Except it was served at 5pm.  Anyways I made a chicken pot pie that was pretty yummy.  David followed up with tarte tatin. Then we followed that up with gorgonzola and epoisses.  I felt sick after all that, but boy was it worth it!

Today is a lazy day – off to the park with Deuce, then to the gym.

White on Black

Woke up to frost on the ground- and then it started to snow!! See the white stuff on Deuce's head and on the ground? Snow. What is the world coming to?

Sam- an oyster card is a top up card that we use as a tube and bus pass. Kind of like the octopus card in hong kong for their MTR.

Draft and String and Tuscany!

I had a bunch of goodies in the post yesterday (that Liberty knit circle is a serious punch to the wallet…all my orders were placed after the wednesday meet up!) – a package from Colinette with some beautiful yarn. Gauguin and Popsicle (although Popsicle doesn’t quite look like the colourway on the site – much more green, sort of more like a tropical parrot colour) in Jitterbug. I also got a cone of cashmere in DK weight – I’m going to knit a swatch and dye it up (the colour is a marled pale pink and white). The other exciting package was from fibrecrafts which had a top whorl spindle, 300 grams each of merino top and blue faced leicester top.

Spindle and merino fleece

I spent some time last night playing with the spindle – I spun some wool then plied it together – i’ll have to try knitty’s handy plying technique, cause holding a centre pull ball and plying the ends together ends up twisting the yarn leading to the ball… all a bit messy. My yarn was a bit thick and thin – ranging between dk weight and aran. I spun a bit more and t looks a bit more even. After washing and hanging and then drying it – it bloomed nicely – all poofy and soft. We’ll see how the next one goes. Meanwhile, am waiting to hear back from Journey Wheel about a tulip wood spindle…. and then I promise, dear, sweet, long suffereing wallet, that I shall let you rest a bit before making you work again!

Not quite gold, but soft and squooshy

My little hank of merino 2 ply!

Here is my (public) statement (I can’t quite make myself say it is an oath…): I shall finish my projects before purchasing more wool (or only purchase more wool when in Canada in July, whichever comes first!):
1) Grasshoppers; and
2) Pomatomus socks; and
3) C4 chunky cardigan OR Flicca cardigan; and
5) spin up 100 g each of merino and blue faced leicester – and dye it!

Okay. That means May, June, July – 2.5 months to finish the above. Grasshoppers – another 2 weeks I am guessing, Pomatomus – 2 weeks, so that’s May gone. Cardigan – 1 month. Spinning & dying – 1 week. Phew. I better get going with all that!

Ah and just back from Italy! A little yarn tour….

Here is the Grasshopper in an ode to the Yarn Harlot – sitting in Arezzo square, having lunch.

The Beatrice Galli yarn shop in Florence.
Thwarted. The Campolmi Filato yarn outlet – CLOSED on weekends!!! Why oh why have you forsaken weekend tourists???
And for the record – knitting needles not allowed on flights from Italy (nor flights from England). The BA World Club check in guy told me it was fine to bring knitting on board, security told me no (pulled out my Knit Pick circulars, and pointed to the needle end and said it was a blade). Sent me back to check in, the guy told me he didn’t know there were needles in my bag (duh, what the hell did he think knitting was? A ball of wool?) and wanted to charge me 90 euros for the pleasure of checking in my knitting bag. Thank god his supervisor said it was ok. So I checked it. and worried the whole way it wouldn’t make it. But lo and behold – here it is, at the other end. I don’t understand the idea that knitting needles are a no no, but hat pins and umbrellas and glasses made of metal (the bit that goes over your ears are long and pointy!) are all ok. Damn them nonknitting security folk.