Second Antenatal Class – even more YEURGHHHH!

My mom keeps telling me that the antenatal classes are good – if only so DH can understand and see for himself the whole hooha of pregnancy and delivery. He has this terrible habit that makes me absolutely nuts – if you’ve seen the Wedge Salad episode of Modern Family where Phil spends the entire episode trying to figure out why his wife Claire is so mad at him… well, that’s me & DH in a nutshell. It goes like this:

Me: Hey you should totally try this – it’s really yummy/cool/useful.
DH (having never seen, tried, tasted or heard of what I’m suggesting): No way, yuck/not cool/not useful, I don’t like it. Too expensive/weird/strange. Not going to try it.
Me: [shrugs shoulders].

Days, weeks, months later…

DH (all excited): So and so told me about X that is yummy/cool/useful so I gave it a go – and it is! You should totally try it.
Me: ……(breathing through flared nostrils)
DH: What’s wrong?
Me: ……(counting to ten)
Me: You mean the yummy/cool/useful thing I suggested before? That you were like ‘no way, yuck, gross, waste of money yadda yadda yadda?
DH: …. ummm..

The whole listening but not hearing thing unless it’s repeated by a third party – is it a guy thing? It made me laugh in our first antenatal class when the teacher told the class that women experience heartburn and shortness of breath because the baby is taking up space where lungs and stomach usually sit. DH turns to me and says in a knowledgeable way “That must be why you are getting heartburn and can’t breath”. Of course, I had already told him exactly that, but as expected, my words vaporised in the air before they could reach his brain. I can only imagine that I must speak at a frequency that he can’t actually hear. Anyways, he is as horrified as I am by the videos (we saw a hospital birth video – rather, I was late and he watched it – and a C-section video). Maybe more so since he has been way more solicitous and conscientious about stuff that is getting harder for me to do (like bending down). The C-section vid showed the epidural needle and how it goes in…. and we were given a demonstration how this massive needle sort of gets worked and wiggled into the epidural space in the spine. Knowledge is power and all that… but in this case I think I could have done without all the visuals. Understanding how the process works and what to expect is great, but yeurgh. There are some things I would be totally okay with never seeing.

I had another appointment with the OBY before he heads off on hols next Friday. No scan today since I had one last week, but Blueberry is still doing well, wriggling and in the right position (clever girl!). I also had to get my HK ID card sorted this morning and headed to the Immigration Tower in Wan Chai.

Really very efficient, I was in and out in less than an hour. Got thumb printed, photo taken, interviewed and assessed (which wasn’t much more than them double checking my thumb print). It was next to the law courts, so I also got to see silks! Afterwards was a quick trip to Holly Brown’s for the weekly knitting meet up.

Time to make dinner (have a yen for greek salad) and wait for the arrival of our weekend guest – my childhood friend Cam, who I haven’t seen in like more than a decade, is coming to Hong Kong to visit. Good times. 🙂

Oh and if you are thinking about joining this year’s Knit Love Club – now’s your last chance! Sign ups close at midnight GMT on Sunday 15 January. More details here.

First Antenatal Class – YEURGH!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How about a video?

DH and I went to our first antenatal class last night. Where we were shown a video of a home birth. I have not a thousand words to describe the video. Just one. Yeurgh! Though I did have 10 going through my head while watching it – “Is it too late to get off this ride now?”

I’m a pretty calm person under normal circumstances. I can deal with most situations without getting hysterical. I’ve got a high tolerance for stress.  When needs must, I can manage with lack of sleep too, though I know it makes me pretty crabby.  When something has to get done, we all have incredible reserves that enable us to manage it.  I have great confidence in my reserves – they have never failed me before. But … but…. watching that video… I fear my reserves may just be for getting things on a long list ticked – actions, putting things in motion – kind of like being a puppet master.  Pulling on a number of different strings at one time to achieve an end result.  I’m good at that kind of stuff.  Stress & pressure stuff.  But where things are in motion and it’s about the stamina and determination to withstand the winds and hold out, the patience and the will to wait and reign in an action ….  that, I’m afraid, is not my strong suit.  I also dislike pain.  So an elective c-section is out.  The thought of slicing through my muscles – muscles I’ll need to, well, move and function – is most unappealing.  I want to opt for gas and air since an epidural can prolong the first stage of  labour. Not being able to feel means no pain but also means less effective pushing/stretching of the cervix and hence a longer first stage of labour.

Still, planning is one thing, and what happens at the time can be something totally different.  Best to have a plan, and a BAFO (best and final offer).. or in this case, the bottom line – which is to have a healthy baby and mom however the doctor gets there.

So the whole very informative video has definitely freaked me out. Next class we get to see a hospital birth.  Blechblechblech.  At least the babies look quite small. Not quite a football – more like a softball.  That’s a small(er) (dis)comfort.  Three more delightful classes to go.

Meimei is totally in love with DH.  She very rarely snuggles against me (sometimes, when she is sleepy, or feeling a little small, she’ll come to me for a little snuggle), but she is always following hubby around, and wanting attention from him.  The other night we had her up on the sofa and she fell asleep against DH’s leg.  She looks pretty cozy.

Deuce on the other hand, always wants snuggles from me.  If he could, I am sure he would live in my lap 24/7 (at least, when he’s not sleeping on the toy box, his current location as I write).  He’s a mama’s boy through and through. Meimei is clearly a daddy’s girl.  Go figure! I wonder how it will be for Blueberry?