At 4pm I still hadn’t dilated enough – only 2-3 cm. Same at 430, then 5. My OBY came back around 530 to poke Blueberry’s head up, since she hadn’t engaged either, hoping she would settle in a better position. Because she wasn’t super happy (a little meconium came out with the waters) my OBY said if she hadn’t settled in a better position by 6 we would do a c-section. So at 6pm after determining Blueberry was in no better position, and I hadn’t dilated past 3cm, it was off to the operating theatre for me.

Of course, having planned on a natural delivery this was somewhat of a bummer. At the same time, the idea of being cut open scared the crap out of me. As I was being prepped and wheeled into the operating theatre, I was trying very hard to keep it together, but when they put me on the operating table, and then started to incline me downwards I admit I freaked a little. I got pumped up with epidural stuff, then couldn’t hear very well (everything got muffled), couldn’t really breath upside down, and I panicked. Thankfully that is when DH came in and I grabbed his hand like a lifeline. As they did their thing on the other side of the curtain, DH held my hand. I asked him to tell me a story – he looked a little like a deer caught in the headlights. But he rallied, and started to tell me about Aragon – a vanished kingdom which used to be somewhere in Spain. I can’t really remember much of the story, except that Aragon is the reason they speak Catalan in Sardinia. Anyways, Aragon kept me level and calmed me right down.

In 10 minutes, little Blueberry was out and being cleaned up. I’m not so sure she was so happy to be evicted from her comfy little nest.

She was brought over for DH to hold and we got some lovely photos of the two of them with me looking like a toad (that’s what happens when one is almost upside down!).  I cut me out of the photo (but you can see my hair on the bottom right of the photo above).

My parents have been total stars. Mom cooked and cleaned for us (and I’m sure it’s her cooking that contributed to Blueberry being a whopping 8lbs 12oz!), and has also taken over the dog walking duties.  Good thing she loves dogs cause Deuce & Meimei are just in love with her.

And here’s me with my little one.  Isn’t she sweet? Welcome home Blueberry, welcome home.